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Title: 自導式野外實察教學模組之設計
The Instructional Module Design of the Self-guiding Fieldwork�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 1-May-2005
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Abstract: 地理實察向來是地理教育最重要的教學方法之一,但受限於班級人數眾多、授課時數不足和安全顧慮等因素,國內近三分之二的中學地理教師未曾實施實察教學。此外,即使舉辦地理實察活動,由教師帶隊解說的傳統大班教學,也往往因集合費時或學生脫隊等問題而成效不彰,甚至淪為郊遊活動。本研究根據建構式教學理念,設計「自導式野外實察」教學模組來改善上述問題,此教學模組的特色包括:1. 以網路多媒體設計「虛擬野外實察(virtual field trip, VFT)」作為行前導覽與任務解說工具,將資訊科技融入地理實察;2. 實察活動不需教師帶隊解說,由學生以任務導向和角色扮演的分組方式,利用週末自行前往實察區進行實察;3. 舉辦模擬公聽會加強實察活動後的討論與回饋,並藉此引發學生的學習動機和訓練批判思考能力。為驗證自導視野外實察的可行性,本研究根據此教學模組設計「新竹漁港開發與海岸環境保育實察活動」,透過與新竹某高中1位地理教師的合作,對87名高二學生實施此實察教學,並藉由學生的回饋、參與高中教師的觀感和研究者本身的參與觀察評估其成效。研究結果發現,以「學生為中心」的自導式實察,不僅減低教師自行帶隊解說的負擔,而且能讓學生在具有彈性自主的實察過程中,主動發揮觀察、探究發現、訪談和操作設備等能力,並親身感受作為一位「地理學家」的樂趣。
Fieldwork is considered as one of the most important methods in teaching geography. However, almost 2/3 secondary geography teachers never put fieldwork in action because of many problems such as large class sizes, the difficulty of fitting fieldwork into hectic schedules and security concern, etc. Even if teahers are able to overcome the above problems, the converntional fieldwork doesn't work very well. It takes teachers too much time and energy to gather and speak to students, which makes the fieldwork like “sightseeing”. In this study, an instructional module of the self-guiding fieldwork based on constructivism is design to remedy this situation. There are 3 main features in this module. First, the information technology, which uses web-based multimedia to implement a visual field trip (VFT) tool, is used to prepare students before the fieldwork. Secondly, students visit the study area without the company of teachers on the weekends. They work in small groups through role-play in the mission-oriented fieldtrip. Thirdly, a simulated public hearing is held after the fieldwork to get feedbacks from each other, to stimulate their motivations, and to develop their ability of critical thiking. With the assistance of a senior high school teacher, the actural fieldwork is conducted around Hsinchu Fishing Harbor where the development of the harbor causes significant coastal erosion. There are 87 students in Grade 11th engaging this environmental issue in the fieldwork. The feasibility of this filedwork plan is evaluated by the students' feedback, the teacher's comments, and researcher's participant observation. The results indicate this student-centered, self-guiding fieldwork can not only reduce teachers' teaching load during the fieldwork but also allow students to develop their abilities such as observation, exploration, interviewing and operating equipments, etc. Besides, students experience the fun of being a “geographer”.
ISSN: 1019-6684
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