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Title: 科普活動
Geography Competitions for High School and Primary School Students, 2011
Other Titles: 2011年高中與國中小地理競賽
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 為迎接新世紀挑戰,世界各國教育改革均強調為學生培養「帶得走的能力」。地理科跨自 然與其他人文社會學科,強調自然與人文環境的互動,著重地方、區域、國家、全球的關連, 並且培養使用地圖和3S 資訊科技(含GIS、RS、GPS)、環境觀察、議題討論等技能,極有 助於培養青年學子認識環境和理解世界。我國社會「考試領導教學」的偏執仍盛,現階段大 學學測或高中基測等又以選擇題為主要測驗題型,不但限制了評量的多元化,進而更妨礙高 層次能力的培養。有鑑於此,地理學界和各級學校教師合作,為高中和國中小辦理競賽,開 發多元評量方式,並派隊參賽與國際競賽,以掌握國際地理教育發展脈動。 「高中地理奧林匹亞」分為團體組(地理小論文賽)和個人組(國際/亞太地理奧林匹亞 選手資格賽),主要目的為勵高中生進行專題研究,並選拔出優秀選手出國參賽。國中小的「國 家地理知識大競賽」強調開發多元的題型,自2008 年增設的「環境觀察能力測驗」,更一步 推動青少年對在地環境的觀察技能和態度,透過貼近學生日常生活經驗的提問,來熟悉科學 歷程。本年度將承繼以往的良好基礎,辦理第十屆「高中地理奧林匹亞」和第七屆「國家地 理知識大競賽」。配合兩項國內賽,辦理教師研習,以求競賽辦理和教學現場的良性互動,擴 大競賽推廣成效。目前「高中地理奧林匹亞」、「國家地理知識大競賽」是國內分別針對高中 和國中小社會領域唯一的全國性和國際性比賽,本工作團隊將繼續努力,使競賽辦理更臻完 善。
Geography competitions for high school and primary school students, 2011 Geography as a subject in various school levels has unique status to enable students with the fundamental knowledge and skills for their future career. Despite of continuous education reformation in Taiwan, paper-and-pen test with the question type of the multiple choices is still dominant in the school. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a platform of multiple assessments. It is under such circumstances, two national geography competitions have been organized for various age group students and have received very positive feedback from school teachers and parents. The 10th Taiwan Geography Olympiad (2011 TGEO) for students of age 16-19 and the 7th Taiwan National Geographic Championship (2011 TNGC) for students under age 16 will be held in the coming autumn. The former include a project-based and an individual-based competition. The latter consists of three-stage tests and also an environmental observation test (focusing on observation and mapping skill). It is expected, these two national competitions will stimulate the practice of the fieldwork, issue discussion and scientific education, i.e., higher level abilities, into geography teaching, and in turn to help students to catch up the international level of geographical literacy.
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