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Title: 詔安客家族群空間分佈的歷史地理詮釋
Spatial Distrubition of the Zhao'an Hakka Ethnic Group
Other Titles: Interpretation of Historical Geography�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2013
Publisher: 中國地理學會
Abstract: 本研究嘗試透過地圖操作、歷史與地理文獻的整合分析,來呈現詔安客原鄉-詔安二都的區域特色,並嘗試解析詔安客家原鄉之地域漢人入墾的時程。具體操作是利用詔安客原鄉與渡臺宗族族譜等的對比,彙整《詔安縣地名志》所列姓氏、聚落地名及所使用方言等資訊,以釐清詔安客家區域形塑的歷史地理脈絡。首先,利用「地名志」中詳實的自然村聚落、宗族及使用語言等,建立清晰的詔安閩、客界線,以避免後續研究對族群認定的混淆;其次,以「地名志」中所列舉的各自然村聚落姓氏宗族資訊,作為探究詔安客區宗族社群的地理分布與同姓聚居的單姓聚落社會結構;再者,利用相關的地名資訊進行空間分析,以推導出許多有研究價值的地理資訊。最後回過頭來,檢視在臺灣,詔安客主要分布鄉鎮及其優勢姓氏。
The study tries using analysis of maps, and integrates the literatures of historical and geography to display regional characteristics of the ancestral home of Zhao'an Hakka (the Zhao'an Second Du). We also attempts to analyze the timing when the homeland of Zhao'an Hakka changes into the Hakka culture region. The research methods of the study include: to compare the pedigrees between in Taiwan and the ancestral home of Zhao'an Hakka; to induce and analyze the messages of family names, settlement names, and dialects which be filed in ”the Gazetteer of Zhao'an County”. Firstly, we want to make use of those research methods to discover contexts of the historical geography in Zhao'an Hakka region. We exercise detailed natural villages, clans and dailects informations in 'the Gazetteer' to demarcate the distinct boundary between Southern Min and Zhao'an Hakka. Secondly, we makes use to explore the distributions of clan groups and social structions of single surname settlements in the Zhao'an Hakka region. Thirdly, we analyze the spatial features of place names to deduce many valuable geographical research informations. Lastly, we view the distributive areas of Zhao'an Hakka and the superior clans in Taiwan.
ISSN: 1025-1464
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0412_01_037
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