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Title: 新竹市南寮地區聚落變遷及變遷過程所顯現之人地關係意涵
Settlement Changes and Their Implications at Nanliao, Hsinchu City
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2005
Publisher: 國立宜蘭大學人文及管理學院
Abstract: 本文以臺灣西部沿海地區具有特殊的生態環境背景及發展軌跡,作為論述的基礎,以新竹市南寮地區作為研究的個案區域,探討百年來新竹市南寮地區之聚落變遷及變遷過程所顯現之人地關係意涵。西臨潟湖、東靠平原、沿海浮復地持續陸化的生態環境特質,形塑南寮地區強烈而獨特的人地互動關係。傳統聚落的空間結構深受自然環境影響,傳統聚落的血緣性及地緣性特徵顯著。
In this paper, we investigate the formation and changes of settlements, migration and progression of families, and man-land relationships at Nanliao, Hsinchu City in the last century. References are made to the special ecological environments and developmental progression traits unique to the western coastal line in Taiwan. Nanliao is bordered by lagoons to the west and a plain to the east. The continuing disappearance of wetlands has helped to form a special kind of man-land relationships that are uniquely Nanliao. We found that the spatial structure in traditional settlements is greatly nfluenced by the natural environment and kindred relationship.
ISSN: 1813-6370
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0412_01_018
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