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Title: 臺灣氣象科技史料研究(1/2)計畫
Studies for Historical Materials of Meteorological Science and Technology in Taiwan
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本計畫主題基於兩方面呈顯其重要性,其一是基於氣候對於人類活動影響之重大;其二為使全民認知自然環境與氣候變遷的問題,形成適切的環境政策。本計畫研究目的有三,一、提供全民環境教育及氣象教育、防災宣導之運用。二,提供研究臺灣環境與氣候變遷之運用。三,為氣象科技、事業發展及臺灣歷史留下永恆的紀錄。本計畫主題史料蒐集研究的範圍有八項:一、臺灣氣象組織的發展。二、臺灣氣象建物的回顧。三、氣象觀測技術的發展。四、氣象通信的歷程。五、氣象觀測設備的演進。六、氣象預報的演進。七、多采氣象工作與人物誌。八、氣象專業人員的養成。本計畫預期成果為:一、初步完成臺灣第一部完整的「氣象」史料。二,將資料彙整為資料庫形式以便於檢索。三,,將資料彙整以完整呈現臺灣氣象史的發展。
This project shows its importance based on two aspects. One is based on the climate significant impact to human activities. The other is the universal recognition of the natural environment and climate change issues, the formation of appropriate environmental policies. There are three purposes of this research project. First, to provide universal environmental education and meteorology education, and the use of the disaster prevention promotion. Second, the provision of research application of Taiwan's environment and climate change. Third, in order to leave a permanent record of meteorological science and technology, career development and the history of Taiwan. Historical data collected in this research project includes the following eight points: First, the development of Taiwan Meteorological Organization. Second, review the climate buildings in Taiwan history. Third, review the meteorological observation technology. Fourth, review the history of meteorological communication. Fifth, review the evolution of meteorological observation equipment. Sixth, review the evolution of weather forecasting Seven, more mining of meteorological work and Figures. Eighth, review the weather professional training. Expected results of this project as follows: First, the initial completion of Taiwan's first complete climate historical data. Second, the data compiled for the database in the form for easy retrieval. Third, compiled the data presented to show the development of Taiwan's meteorological history.
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