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Title: 配對競賽理論綱要
Outline of the Match Theory
Other Titles: 性別協商、社會分工與側體交換
Gender Negotiation, Social Division of Labour, and Lateral Switch
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 當前女性主義與婦女運動的最大難題之一,在於以身分認同作為性別本體論的理論瓶頸,以及用地位平等的類同主張作為追求性別正義的行動困境,而其後果之一就是「置身事外」還「理直氣壯」的男性缺位。因此,本文試圖以空間介入性別的「摩比斯轉折」,將性別關係的理論平台和實踐場域聚焦在日常生活中最切身的身體空間上;並以性別親同的理論遊戲和側體交換的運動實踐,建構出性別協商的配對競賽理論綱要。首先,藉由女性主義文獻的批判回顧──諷刺褻瀆,本文試圖將性別理論的本體論基礎由現代社會講求地位平等的性別類同、性別身分的主體認同和後現代社會強調異身、異聲的性別差異混同,向前推進到「不可能分裂」的「身體鑲嵌/情境體現」狀態──性別親同。其次,藉由陰陽同體的意識流想像、變裝模倣的性別操演、側體動作的身體技術、社會分工與文明形構的概念整合──辯證轉繹,本文嘗試將婦女運動的知識論對象定義為從側體分工連結到性別分工與社會分工的協商動態。第三,藉由「像女孩那樣丟球/像男孩那樣翻滾」的行動研究探索──結合理論遊戲和運動實踐的批判實踐,本文嘗試建立以側體交換作為協商性別的方法論取徑。最後,經由側體交換、性別協商和性別親同三位一體由內而外、由外而內和全面周延的反覆推演和制度連結,逐步奠定性別協商之的配對競賽理論綱要雛型。
One of the problems in currnet feminist theories and women’s movements is that we tend to focus on the ontological and epiestimological questions of gender ’identity’ and ’equality’ but relegate the male to the awkward position of being ’absent yet straight.’ Therefore, this article tries to bring the foci of analysis back to closest space of our bodies by outlining a ’match theory’ of gender negotiation through the ’spatial turns’ of the ’Mobius twist’ characterized by, first, the ’outside-in’ approach of ironic blasphemy which critically reviews the feminist theories to get at the gender ontology of the ’Fission Impossile of Situated Affinition;’ second, the ’inside-out’ approach of a dialectic transduction which brings together a wide range of gender imaginations to highlight the epistemological motif as gender negotiation; and third, the ’in-the-round’ approach of critical realization which tries to use lateral switch as the methodological means to link the ontological depth of gender affinition to the epistemological reality of gender negotiation in the drills of ’throwing like a girl/jumping like a boy.’ In doing so, the match theory of gender negotiation would lay a solid foundation for better negations between genders, classes, races, and places in the wider socio-economic contexts.
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