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Title: 從太空看家園-福衛二號衛星影像親身體驗,-高級中學RS教學師資培訓暨教學資源提供計畫(1/2)
High School RS teacher training-cum-teaching resources to provide Program(1/2)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 太空科技之發展,乃一個國家整體科技、經濟與工業實力之展現,對民生及國防等 工業之推動具有重大之影響。近年來,國際商用遙測衛星數量快速增加,應用領域 亦大幅成長。我國在經濟快速成長過程中,伴隨著衍生的土地利用與變遷,環境污 染之擴散,以及地震與颱風所造成的天然災害等問題,衛星遙測資料的適時性益形 重要;預期衛星遙測應用將在國內蓬勃發展。 雖然國內學術界引進空間資訊科學等相關技術作為研究的工具已有一段時間,同時 亦已進行許多相關科學知識的推廣,但是要永續並有效的推廣及發展國內的空間資 訊科技,教育是不可忽略的基礎工作。唯有將空間資訊及遙測科學等相關科學知識 逐步向下的往各級學校推廣及教育,才能為未來的國民建立相關的基礎知識以利空 間資訊科技的發展。 為了可以落實到高中課綱的教學目標,本計畫希望藉由現有的福衛二號影像規劃並 建置完整的3S 教學資源及教育訓練課程,對全省近400 所高中的地理科教師作3S 相關的軟硬體概念及操作訓練,使現有的福衛二號影像素材得以有效的融入教學, 進而成為相關領域的教學輔助工具。
The space technology is one of the indexes showing the strength of country's overall development in science and technology, economics and industrial. In recent years, with increasing number of international commercial remote sensing satellites, the applications of related fields have been growing rapidly. Taiwan in the process of rapid economic growth along with the derived land use and changes has experienced the spread of environmental pollution and natural disasters caused by earthquakes and typhoons. Satellite remote sensing data and related technologies have been proved to be important in providing solutions in monitoring and mitigation to those issues. Though the spatial information sciences and related technologies as research tools have been introduced for some time it is still a long way to go for academic parts to work on their fundamental education to promote space technology. We must integrate spatial information and remote sensing and scientific knowledge into classrooms in schools at all levels of education and extension in order to promote future development of the basics of information to facilitate space technology. To implement the goal mentioned above, the objectives of this research include development of training materials, teaching resources and educational training programs and online analysis tools based on the development of FORMOSAT-2 resource sharing portal. The result will provide nearly 400 high school teachers in geography and related fields knowledge about 3S related hardware and software and operational trainings, so that the existing FORMOSAT-2 image material can be effectively integrated into classrooms.
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