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Title: 福衛二號立體像對產製數值地表模型精度分析
Accuracy of the DSM Generation from FORMOSAT-2 Stereo Pairs
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2010
Publisher: 國立高雄師範大學地理學系
Abstract: 台灣地形起伏劇烈,加上地殼變動、氣候等各種自然營力作用下,使地形變化迅速,尤以山區為甚。福爾摩沙衛星二號可提供前後各45度角擺動,進行同天同軌立體對取像。本研究以福爾摩沙衛星二號台灣山區立體影像對建立5m數值地形模型(DSM),輔以DGPS與航測所得數值地表模型進行比較,除採一般常用RMSE(Root Mean Square Error)評估精度外,也利用LE(linear error)/CE(circular error)評估整體資料可用性。分析結果其高程誤差RMSE為4.19公尺,LE68標準下為±2.91公尺,LE95標準下為7公尺。福衛二號除對國內外重大自然環境災害後,能迅速提供受災區地表現況影像外,另可對大範圍地形變化偵測亦能有所助益。
With its unique design, FORMOSAT-2 satellite has the capacity to provide along tract stereo pairs at a daily revisiting frequency. These stereo pairs can be used to extract DSM that is important in terrain analysis, hazard assessment and monitoring. 4 meters resolution digital surface models (DSMs) was extracted from FORMOSAT-2 stereo pairs and compared with DGPS and DSM data which was generated from aerial photos to determine the accuracy. The RMSE between FORMOSAT-2 DSM and reference is 4.19m, with 68% (LE68) and 95% (LE95) confidence level at 2.91 meters and 7 meters respectively.
ISSN: 1029-3159
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0409_01_004
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