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Title: 能源國家型人才培育自由導向整合型計畫---觀光旅遊之節能減碳教育研究及推廣(I)
Research and Education of Energy Saving and Co2 Reduction on Tourism
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 能源問題實為人類本世紀所面臨的重大挑戰,許多先進國家皆致力推動節能 減碳工作,而政策透過教育的轉化與推動方可收深遠之宏效。目前觀光旅遊顯已 成為國人生活項目之一,但觀光旅遊對環境產生的負面衝擊與影響也頗為可觀, 於是在節能減碳思維下,低碳旅遊模式的倡議與相關研究即顯得格外重要。 而在觀光旅遊活動進行期間,耗能最多者為交通載具及住宿兩類,環觀目前 節能減碳細節說明偏屬技術性資料,一般民眾不易理解或接受。因此,本計畫預 計將此類專業技術知識轉化成普及常識,以三年的期間對觀光旅遊活動以及交 通、住宿主題進行一系列的研究與教育宣導。除了對消費大眾展開全面性的推 廣,同時也規劃對業者與專業旅遊規劃者進行教育及輔導,務使旅遊鏈中的每一 個角色受到相等的提昇,節能減碳之推行方可落實執行。 本計畫首先將進行基礎的科技研究與資訊統整,針對國人旅遊選擇決策行 為、旅遊活動之能源消耗與碳排放等進行深入探究,並透過專業的資訊平台呈 現,輔以實物操作體驗導入節能減碳之核心價值,同時辦理研習訓練,經由全國 民宿協會等既有政府與民間組織系統,以生活化的方式灌輸正確的能源使用觀念 與確實可行之節能方法,期能為國內觀光旅遊的節能減碳領域建置完整的宣導模 式,影響旅遊選擇決策而達到實質節能減碳的目標。
Energy issue is recognized to be the most dominant factor to the world in the new era. It is also the most essential element which link all human’s activities and revolutions together. When we promote energy efficiency and low carbon dioxide emission policies from all aspects, green tourism should be included in the scope for its significant influence. Therefore, we propose this project to highlight green tourism through effective education path. All natural disasters and conflicts between counties, as well as economy difficulty across the world are all lead to energy issues. However, managing energy demand and distribution across the world is critical for the economy as well as the well being of citizens in the longer term. This requires not only the introduction of new technologies for improved energy efficiency, but also changes in attitudes and behavior. Thus, we value education is the most influential transformation process to one’s mind, and is the key to free the dilemma of economy development and environment concerns. Moreover, in order to form a positive attitude toward green tourism, an instructional system is designed targeting at lodging and transportation in this project. Although some technical studies have been introduced regarding this subject, there are big barriers for common users to adapt those information which contains lots of jargons. Therefore, we will review those information and convert it to a better presentation format for supplier, planner, and traveler in the tourism industry. With this easy approach, it will enhance their skills and knowledge to arrange energy efficiency and low carbon dioxide emission facilities and actual trips. This three-year project should promote energy efficiency and low carbon dioxide emission tourism through different approaches and channels. We will analysis the awareness and desires toward this subject among those groups. Some equivalent training courses and workshops as well as activities will be created to support the optimal functions. Moreover, a practical learning web site will be launched providing the access to related resources and information. The ultimate goal is to secure a substantial future by the innovation approaches and effective practices on energy concerned tourism.
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