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Title: 宜蘭地區居民社區依附與其觀光發展衝擊認知之研究--重大交通建設的中介效果
A Study of Residents' Community Attachment and Tourism Impact in Yilan County--The Mediating Effect of a Major Transportation Project�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2010
Publisher: 私立中國文化大學地理學系
Abstract: 本文主要探討居民社區依附與觀光發展衝擊認知之關係。由於近年來宜蘭地區與北部都會區出現了新的連結 - 北宜高速公路,將台北與宜蘭的時間距離縮短。這項重大交通建設對於宜蘭居民的對外聯繫造成影響;因此,進一步探討重大交通建設對於社區依附感與觀光發展衝擊認知的中介效果。本研究以人文主義地理學的觀點,將社區依附分為「情感」、「網絡」「參與」三構面;觀光發展衝擊認知採取「經濟」、「社會文化」「環境」三個觀光衝擊構面。使用問卷調查法,以宜蘭地區的社區居民為研究對象。研究結果發現,社區依附與觀光發展衝擊認知為正相關,並且高依附感的居民對於觀光發展衝擊之認知大於低依附感的居民。本研究亦發現重大交通建設對於社區依附與觀光發展衝擊認知具有完全中介效果。
In general, major transportation projects will affect the development of a region and influence the residents’ life. Since the No.5 National Highway from Taipei to Yilan is completed in June, 2006, it reduces time cost of transportation between Taipei and Yilan. This major transportation project really affects the communication and migration ability of the residents in Yilan and also increases tourism development in Yilan. However, the relationship between residents’ community attachment and tourism development impact is still not investigated up to now. Hence, the purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between residents’ community attachment and tourism development impact in Yilan County. In addition, this study also examines the mediator effect of one major transportation project on community attachment and tourism impact. In terms of humanistic geography, sentiment, networks, and participations are considered as the main factors of community attachment. The perceptions of residents concerned about the tourism impacts including economic, social-culture and environment are also collected and analysis by questionnaires. According to the results of this study, main conclusions are: (1) the residents’ community attachments tended to be positive correlated with tourism impact; (2) the perceptions of tourism impact with higher attachment residents is also high; and (3) the major transportation project really plays a mediating role on the relationship between community attachment and tourism impact.
ISSN: 1814-9219
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