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Title: 民眾參與宜蘭海岸經營管理之研究--以社區林業計畫為例
A Study of Public Participation in the Yilan Coastal Management
Other Titles: Case of Community Forestry Program�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2011
Publisher: 中華民國工程環境學會會刊委員會
Abstract: 從2002年起至2011年止,宜蘭縣沿海附近共有19個社區參與社區林業計畫,總計獲得補助計畫案共有60件,每年計畫件數呈現穩定成長,其中龜山島社區發展協會獲補助8次,為所有社區中之最高。本研究以此60件計畫案作為研究材料,採用內容分析法,將計畫內容區分為資源調查、資訊管理、造林美化、林業推廣、參訪觀摩、教育訓練、遊樂保育、社區組織等8大類別,再依此8大類細分為若干次類別。經內容分析後得知,計畫工作內容最高的類別是教育訓練類(30.1%),其次分別為資源調查類(20.9%)及遊樂保育類(13.5%)。另外,本研究亦針對社區關鍵人物進行深度訪談,共計16位,詢問他們參與宜蘭海岸經營管理及社區林業計畫之看法,以及實施過程中之建議,並以整合生態系經營架構作為基礎,從生態脈絡、社經脈絡及制度脈絡等三面向分析宜蘭海岸經營管理狀況。研究結果顯示,社區林業計畫提供一適當途徑,讓當地民眾能有機會參與海岸的經營管理,並有助於社區培力。
There are 19 communities that attend the Community Forestry Program during the period from 2002 to 2011. Totally 60 projects are passed, and the annual project numbers are stable growth. The Guei-Shen Island community association passes 8 projects which are the highest in all communities' projects. Based on these 60 projects as study materials and through the content analysis, we classify them into 8 categories including resource investigation, information management, planting beautifi cation, forestry extension, visiting observation, educational training, recreational conservation, and community organization. In addition, some sub-categories are classified in detail. After the content analysis, the most popular category is the educational training (30.1%), and the resource investigation (20.9%) and recreational conservation (13.5%) are following. Moreover, we also interview 16 key persons in communities asking their opinions and recommendations about Yilan coastal area management and community forestry. Finally, we apply an integrated framework of ecosystem management to analyze the actual conditions of Yilan coastal area management based on three dimensions including ecological, socioeconomic, and institutional context. Results show that the Community Forestry Program is a suitable approach for local people to participate in coastal management. In addition, it is also helpful for community empowerment.
ISSN: 2078-5941
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0406_01_053
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