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Title: 民眾對高雄愛河綠廊的認知、互動關係及管理建議之探討
A Study on the Residents' Awareness, Interactive Relationship, and Management Suggestion for the Lover River Greenway in Kaohsiung City
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2008
Publisher: 中華水土保持學會
Abstract: 本研究以環境識覺概念爲基礎,主要目的在於探討高雄當地民眾對於愛河綠廊功能的認知及其互動關係,並分析民眾對愛河綠廊優缺點之看法及對經營上之建議。本文採用系統取樣法進行取樣,針對當地居民進行面對面問卷,有效問卷共計405份,抽樣誤差爲4.87%。結果顯示,民眾甚爲肯定愛河綠廊在觀光遊憩和社會文化的功能,此外,生態保育和都市防災功能亦被認同。透過因素分析可將民眾對愛河綠廊功能之看法歸納爲五大因素組,包括社經文教、環境保護、觀光遊憩、開闊空間及親水活動。民眾和愛河綠廊的互動關係甚爲密切,居民參與頻率高但停留時間短,活動類型以散步及放鬆心情居多。另外,民眾積極建議愛河綠廊在經營管理上應該加強周遭環境清潔、改善水質及增設公共服務設施。
This paper is based on the concept of environmental perception, and attempts to understand the residents' awareness and interactive relationship within the Lover River greenway in Kaohsiung City. We also try to analyze public opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of Lover River greenway, and to collect residents' suggestions for the greenway management. The method of systematic sampling is applied to select respondents for face-to-face interviews. The total amount of the exact questionnaire is 405 respondents, while the sampling error is about 4.87%. The results show residents are mostly in favor of the functions of tourism-recreation and socio-culture in the Lover River greenway. In addition, they also recognize the functions of ecological conservation and urban disaster prevention. Based on factor analysis, residents' opinions for the greenway functions of Lover River are summarized into five factors, including socio-economic and cultural-education, environment protection, tourism-recreation, open space, and water-friendly activity. The interactive relationship between residents and Lover River greenway is closely connected. Residents visit the greenway frequently, but they only stay there for a short time. The main types of activities are strolling and relaxation. Moreover, residents provided some positive suggestions for greenway management in the Lover River, including enhancing clearance of the surrounding environment, improving water quality, and providing public service facilities.
ISSN: 0255-6073
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0406_01_036
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