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Title: 蓮華池人工林及天然林集水區土壤水力傳導度之比較(1)--Guelph滲透計法
Comparison of Soil Hydraulic Conductivity between Plantation Forest and Natural Forest Watersheds in the Lien-Hwa-Chi Area (Ⅰ)
Other Titles: Guelph Permeameter Method�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2003
Publisher: 中華林學會
Abstract: 臺灣人工林面積約42萬公頃,佔臺灣全部森林面積的20%,這些已遭受人為干擾之林地對水文環境有何影響是目前極待探討之課題,除有助於基礎水文研究外,亦有於森林生態系經營之推行。由於土壤水力傳導度與入滲土壤水移動、逕流路徑及化學傳輸等密切相關,因此研究森林水文特性時,土壤水力傳導度常是重指標之一。本文主要目的即是在討人工林與天然林土壤水力傳導度之差異,研究試區為華池四號(人工林)及五號(天然林)集水區,面積為5.86及8.39ha,並以Guelph滲透計分別調查山頂、山腹及山谷土壤水力傳導度之特性。結果顯示,蓮華池四號及五號集水區土壤水力傳導度相似,且山頂、山腹及山谷土壤水力傳導度亦無差異,但土深20cm處之土壤水力導度則明顯高於土深40cm處之土壤水力傳導度。
The forest plantation areas in Taiwan are about 420 000 ha, which accounted for 20% of total Taiwan’s forest areas. In order to establishing locally eco-hydrological knowledge and implementing forest ecosystem management, it is necessary to understand the effect of these human disturbed forests on hydrological processes. Soil hydraulic conductivity is an essential parameter for many hydrologic models, because it is closely related to infiltration, soil water movement, flow pathways, and chemical transportation. The purpose of this study was to compare the difference in hydraulic conductivity between man-made forests and natural forests. The study area was located in the Lien-Hwa-Chi watershed No. 4 (5.86 ha) and No.5 (8.39 ha), where the dominant vegetations were China-fir man-made forests and natural broadleaved forests, respectively. The Guelph permeameter was applied to investigate soil hydraulic conductivity on ridge, hillslope, and valley locations in these sites. There was no significant differences in hydraulic conductivity between Lien-Hwa-Chi watershed No 4 and No. 5. In addition, there were significant similarities of hydraulic conductivity among ridge, hillslope, and valley locations. However, the average hydraulic conductivity at 20 cm soil depth was significantly obviously higher than that at 40 cm soil depth.
ISSN: 0578-1345
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0406_01_007
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