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Title: 公園綠地與健康效益之生態-社會模式
Social-Ecological Model of Greenspaces and Health Benefits
Other Titles: 空間、世代與行為分析
Space, Generation, and Behavior Analysis
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 近年綠地促進健康和社會福祉之議題普遍受到重視,雖然許多研究顯示親近公 園綠地有益健康福祉,包括在公園綠地上進行實質休閒運動的活動或是僅是視覺上 的觀賞,然而也有相當比例的研究顯示結果矛盾不一。所以建立綠地和健康關連之 間整體性的理論研究架構,逐一檢定都市綠地空間可能影響使用者健康的複雜因果 關係是重要的課題,包括潛在的調節變項如何透過調節機制、中介變項,影響身體 健康與心理健康效益。本研究以社會-生態模式探討最主要使用公園的老人和國小兒 童對綠地空間的使用與健康的關係,以健康城市台北市為例。第一年以空間分析先 探討綠地空間數量、分佈、特性是否產生市民健康效益差異?第二、三年分別以國小 學童和高齡者為例,探討不同社經背景、年齡、是否因為在公園綠地使用之限制與 公平性差異,而影響其使用公園的行為,進而影響其健康效益。本研究結合空間、 社會與世代分析,研究結果期能有助於公園綠地研究理論基礎,並連結政府永續健 康城市公共政策,提供都市綠地規劃設計與高齡化社會之休閒健康對策。
The benefits of greenspace for the promotion of health and well-being are getting important recently. Although many studies have shown that access to parks benefits health and well-being whether having physical activities or just visual perception, but also a considerable proportion of the studies show contradictory results vary. Therefore, establishing an overall research framework between green space and health is an important issue, in particular, an improved understanding is needed of potential moderators, mechanism of moderation, and mediators. From approach of social–ecological model, this research will develop a theoretical framework to examine the relationships between greenspaces and health among the elderly and elementary school children who are the most important users of the park. The research area is Taipei, a healthy urban Taipei city. In the first year, spatial analysis to explore whether the number of green space, distribution, and characteristics difference effect to public health? The second and third year respectively testing elementary school children and the elderly to explore how different socioeconomic backgrounds, age, and behaviors to affect their health benefits. This study combines spatial, social and generational analysis, the results of the study will provide a greenspace theoretical foundation, and link the government sustainable urban public health policy, planning and design to provide the urban green space and recreational aging society health strategies
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0405_04_008
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