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Title: 以景觀生態系統之觀點探討農地生境保育管理架構
Other Titles: 以宜蘭縣三星鄉為例
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 全球環境變遷問題已嚴重衝擊生態系統,以農地生態系為例,由於人口持續增加,人類對居住空間之需求,導致農地產生劇烈變遷,進而造成未來糧食問題更形嚴重。臺灣因地窄人稠、經濟快速發展,也面臨生態環境損壞的問題,尤其2000年臺灣農地政策開放之後,造成城鎮邊緣農地地景急劇變遷,已引發學者專家的高度關注,至今仍缺乏有效的理論與研究以研擬具體可行之對策。本研究以臺灣宜蘭縣三星鄉的農村為研究對象,近年由於臨近縣內主要城市,並因高速公路通行與台北都會區間之交通易達性提高,吸引許多建商或居民將農地變更為住宅,故本研究以生境理論以及生態系統服務為理論基礎,透過生境地圖之建構、生境價值指標的擬定與評估、生境價值之時序分析等研究,以建構理想農村空間配置。研究結果顯示,1998年、2001年、2006年與2010年間生態系統服務價值逐年下降,1998-2010年間又以調節服務下降幅度最高,說明農村生態功能受到嚴重衝擊。故本文在維持原有土地利用情形為前提,以生境價值評估為工具,提出理想農村地景空間配置,結果說明各生態系統服務價值均有所提升,不過,這樣的理想配置仍需要住宅控制方能達成。這樣的結果說明發展適當的生境價值評估方法,的確有助於地景保育工作的推行,研究者甚至可設定預期的生境價值,透過地景規劃的方式來達成目標。
The global environmental change has caused great impacts on the ecosystems. For example, agro-ecosystems have been destroyed due to increasing population growth and demands for living space. This situation led to dramatic changes in agricultural produce and accelerated the problem of food crisis in the future. Taiwan is also facing the problem of agro-ecosystem destruction because of its dense population and rapid economic development. Especially since the enactment of Agricultural Development Act Amendment in 2000, the farmland landscape around urban were dramatically changed and increased the attentions of landscape researchers. However, there was little research to develop effective practical tool for rural landscape conservation. This study selected Sanshing Township, in Taiwan Yilan, as a study area, because its increase in business and residential developments after the construction of high way and speed tunnel to Taipei City. Biotope theory and Ecosystem Services are used as theoretical basis to construct rural landscape spatial pattern. The results show that in 1998, 2001, 2006 and 2010 the value of ecosystem services had been decreasing and regulating services the maximum. It indicates that the ecological functions in rural areas had beenbadly hit. Therefore, to maintain the original landuse situation as a precondition and take biotope value assessment as a tool proposed space configuration of the ideal rural landscape. The results indicate that the value of the ecosystem services have been enhanced, however, this ideal configuration still need residential controlling can be reached. Such results suggest that the development of appropriate biotope value assessment method contribute to the implementation of landscape conservation work, researchers can even set the value of the expected biotope value to achieve their goals through landscape planning.
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