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Title: 文化歌舞真實性知覺對表演態度的影響--以排灣族兒童表演經驗為例
The Influence of Cultural Dancing Authenticity Perceptions to Attitude of Performance--A Case Study of Paiwan Children's Dancing Performance Experience
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2012
Publisher: 中華民國戶外遊憩學會
Abstract: 遊客到原住民地區旅遊常觀賞文化歌舞演出,參與表演的兒童扮演傳承文化重要的角色,本研究目的在瞭解原住民兒童不同的表演經驗是否影響其對傳統文化歌舞表演的真實性知覺?及其真實性知覺對表演態度的影響為何?研究以屏東縣三地門、瑪家、泰武及來義等鄉鎮為研究範圍。研究結果發現:(1)兒童的真實性知覺處於舞台化真實情境中;(2)原住民兒童真實性知覺包含「符號精神」、「情感凝聚」、「在地性」及「傳統型式」;表演態度包含「表演認知」、「表演情感」及「表演行為」;(3)不同的表演類型(傳統、改良、其他族群、現代舞)及場合(校內活動、傳統祭典、社區一般活動、觀光活動)均不會影響真實性知覺,但觀光表演經驗會影響「情感凝聚」及「在地性」;(4)不同表演類型不會影響表演態度,但是表演場合與觀光表演經驗會影響「表演認知」及「表演情感」。
Tourists often watch the cultural dancing performance when they travel to the indigenous regions. The children play a significant role in indigenous culture legacy; however, do different performance experiences affect the children's authenticity perception and performance attitude? What is the relationship between the authenticity perception and the performance attitude? The research scope included Sandimen, Machia, Taiwu, and Laiyi in Pingtung Country. The research results showed (1) The children’s authenticity perception was situated in the circumstance of staged authenticity; (2) The aboriginal children’s authenticity perception included "symbol spirit," "emotional cohesion," "locality," and "traditional style;" the performance attitude contained "performance cognition," "performance affection," and "performance action tendency;" (3) The different performance styles and occasions would not affect the authenticity perception, but the tourist performance experience would influence "emotional cohesion" and "locality." The children had the tourism performance experience would recognize the performance more comparing to those without the tourist performance experience; the tourist performance experience could urge the emotional harmony, and helped the children to understand that the culture is from their area; (4) The different performance styles would not influence the performance attitude. But, the performance occasion and tourism performance experience would affect "performance cognition" and "performance affection".
ISSN: 1012-5434
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0405_01_025
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