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Title: 性別角色與社會情境對景觀專業表現之影響
Effect of Gender-roles and Social Status on Professional Performance of Landscape Architects�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2011
Publisher: 中華民國戶外遊憩學會
Abstract: 性別角色是經由社會化歷程學習而來,因此性別角色與社會情境因素會影響個人的行爲舉止,本研究探討景觀從業者之性別角色與所感受之社會情境對其景觀專業表現之影響。本研究將景觀從業人員之性別角色分相對較爲兩性化、男性化、女性化與未分化,景觀專業能力分爲一般素養(專業態度、領導能力、業務處理、基本背景)與專業素養(專業技能、工程概念、知識背景、設計能力、電腦技能繪圖)。研究對象透過相關景觀學系畢業校友資料、中華民國景觀學會會員等資料進行問卷訪談,共獲234份有效問卷,研究結果顯示:性別角色是影響個體表現的主因,性別角色相對較爲兩性化者在景觀專業各層面的表現最佳,其次爲男性化者或女性化者,而未分化者表現評值均較低。研究亦提出景觀教育在課程內容、認同學生多元化性別角色發展之教育,以及加強職場之照顧支援與訓練學習之建議。
Gender-roles are produced from leaning process of socialization. Therefore, gender roles and social status are factors which could affect personal behavior. This study explored how gender-roles and social status influence personal professional performance in the industry of landscape architecture. The gender-roles are divided into relatively androgynous, masculine, feminine and undifferentiated; whereas general knowledge and professional skills are divided to two sections in landscaping profession. Also, general knowledge includes three dimensions: professional attitude, leadership and basic background; professional skills have five dimensions: professional techniques, construction concept, drawings, computer graphics, and landscape knowledge. The subjects are selected from the Departments of Landscape Architecture alumni and members of the Institute of landscape architect. There are 234 valid questionnaires. The results show: gender-roles mainly affect individual professional performance. In gender-roles, relatively androgynous is the best performer followed by masculine and feminine while undifferentiated has the lowest performance. This study suggests enhancing the future landscape education system and professional practices.
ISSN: 1012-5434
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0405_01_017
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