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Title: 從太空看家園-福衛二號衛星影像親身體驗,-福衛二號衛星影像應用與教學之推廣(1/2)
FORMSAT-2 Images Application and Promotion of the Teaching(1/2)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 地理資訊科學的發展有賴於衛星資料的取得,太空技術起步較早的歐美國家自然在該領域之 中享有領先地位。相對於美國和歐洲,臺灣的航太科技發展較晚,但在福爾摩沙衛星二號於2004 年升空後,便啟動了臺灣地理資訊科學蓬勃發展的巨輪。有了福衛二號衛星之後,臺灣能自主性 地掌握影像的來源,為遙測和地理資訊系統的應用提供重要基礎。透過遙測和地理資訊系統分析, 福衛二號衛星所提供的影像資料雖已廣泛運用於產、官、學界,成果相當豐碩,但在中學地理教 育的普及率卻仍顯不足。 因此本計畫將結合各子計畫之教學模組進行探索科學活動推廣,以福衛二號影像為主軸,結 合支援研習中心進行一系列親身體驗真實科學活動。由教師研習開始,逐步展開各項教學活動, 福衛二號這項臺灣本土的研究成果能從上而下普及至學校教育之中,達到下列之計畫目標。 1. 縮少城鄉之間教源資源分配不均情形。 2. 增加教師對於遙測與地理資訊系統相關技能的掌握。 3. 提升教師將衛星影像融入教學的能力。 4. 增進學生對地理資訊科技的興趣。 5. 建立衛星影像的取得管道。
The development of geographic information science depends on the acquisition of satellite data, an early start in Europe and the United States space technology to enjoy a leading position in the realm of natural. FORMOSAT-2 launch in 2004, it started the era of vigorous development of Taiwan's geographic information science. Taiwan's autonomy to grasp the source of the image, and provides an important basis for the application of remote sensing and geographic information systems. Through the analysis of remote sensing and geographic information systems, the FORMOSAT-2 images data, has been widely used in production, the official, academia, and the outcome is quite fruitful, but the penetration rate in high school geography education is still insufficient. This project will combine the teaching module for each subproject to explore the scientific activities to promote the FORMOSAT-2 image, combined with support to the Learning Centre to experience the true scientific activities. By the Teachers' Training, and gradually expand the teaching and learning activities, the FORMOSAT this Taiwan's achievements from down the popularity of the school of education to achieve the following project objectives. (1) Shorten teaching source uneven distribution of resources between urban and rural situations. (2) Increase teachers' mastery of relevant skills for remote sensing and geographic information systems. Enhance teachers' satellite images into the teaching ability. (4) To enhance students' interest in geographic information technology. (5) The establishment of satellite image acquisition pipeline.
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