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Title: 九五高中地理暫綱的課程決定與理念探討
The Curriculum Decision Making and Rationales of 95 Geography Curriculum Guidelines
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2012
Publisher: 國立高雄師範大學地理學系
Abstract: 課程改革後,課程決定議題在課程界已有相當多的討論,然而多著重於教室現場與學校層次,較少及於國家層次的討論。本研究視九五地理暫綱的制訂為國家層次課程決定與課程發展之過程,使用文件分析與半結構訪談法,探討其決定內容、決定因素及制綱者所秉持的課程制訂理念。在課程決定部分,地理科內部區分專案小組與研修小組,專案小組決定整體架構與討論修正,研修小組決定細節草案。最後決定權則在於專案小組,並且小組之間仍存有溝通問題,反映權威、知識與決定實鑲嵌於課程制訂過程中。無論專案小組還是研修小組,影響其決定因素皆相當多元,包括:學習者情況、學科專業、時數限制等。然而專案小組較為著重學科整體面向,而研修小組則較專注於學科教學面向。此外,綱要內容雖未受政治干預,然而整體制綱環境仍處於行政與政治的結構中,並使制綱者受到限制。在制綱者的理念方面,雖小組討論已達成共識,並制成綱要,然彼此理念並非相當一致,因其背景、個人因素有別。其理念亦反映我國地理教育受當代教育思潮影響。建議教育部應當更重視課程綱要之修訂,給予充分時間,成立或善用學科常設機構從事相關研究。
There are many discussions of curriculum decision-making in curriculum study after the curriculum reforming, but the focus is much on classroom and school level, less on national level. The study seems the making of 95 geography guidelines as a process of national level curriculum decision-making and curriculum development, using document analysis and semi-structural interviews methods to focus on content deciding, the factors influencing the decision and the makers' rationales about geography curriculum making.In decision-making part, this study finds that the decision-making team was divided into two parts: one was project team, the other was consultation team. The much powerful former team decided the whole structure and discussed the draft, the latter made the draft. And there were some imperfections between their communications, reflecting authority, knowledge and decision related each other. No matter project team or consultation team, the factors that influenced decision making were complex, including learner's situation, geography focus, hours limited. The project team was more focus on whole structure, and the consultation was more focus on teaching side. Moreover, politic power was not to interfere in curriculum contents directly, but hide in the process. In makers' rationale part, although the guidelines were made, then due to the different background of the makers, cause the inner rationales were different. And in the makers' rationales, we can find the influence of national geography education trend.Researcher suggests Ministry of Education should give more time to make the guideline, even to establish or use professional organization to reach an agreement about geography education between academia and school.
ISSN: 1029-3159
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