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Title: 數位出版品ISBN編配之研究
Research into Assigning ISBNs to Electronic Publications
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2010
Publisher: 國家圖書館
Abstract: 國際標準書號 (International Standard Book Number,簡稱ISBN) 是識別圖書的全球性標準號碼,亦是圖書唯一的永久國際識別碼。2005年國際標準組織 (International Organization for Standardization,簡稱ISO) 發布新版ISBN國際標準,即 ISO 2108:2005 (E),其主要目的有二:(1) 與產品識別編碼標準 (EAN International- Uniform Code Council,簡稱EAN-UCC) 接軌,將ISBN由10碼延長為13碼,以解決圖書日漸增加可能導致ISBN號碼的匱乏;(2) 因應數位出版品的發展,訂定數位出版品之ISBN號碼編配原則。有鑒於我國政府與民間近年來積極發展數位出版產業,數位出版品數量在近年來急速增加,制定數位出版品之ISBN編配原則已是當務之急。本研究的主要目的在於了解目前國際間數位出版品之ISBN編碼制度、編碼範圍及方式,並藉由研究結果,提出制定我國數位出版品ISBN編配原則的建議。
Since the introduction of International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) in 1970, ISBN has been internationally recognized as the worldwide standard identification system for publications, and has played a key role in the trade, inventory and management of books. In 2005, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) announced the fourth edition of the ISBN standard, ISO 2108:2005 (E). The establishment of this new standard had two primary goals: first, to enable integration with the EAN.UCC system, the length of ISBN identifiers was increased from 10 to 13 digits, increasing the numbering capacity of the global ISBN system; second, in response to the development of electronic publications, the new standard established the principle of also assigning them with an ISBN. In recent years, the burgeoning electronic publishing industry in Taiwan has produced a rapidly increasing number of publications; therefore, the assignment of ISBN to electronic publications has gradually become an issue requiring attention. In view of this, the study aims at understanding the principles and best practices of current international systems of assigning ISBN to electronic publications, and according to its findings, suggests principles by which such a system may operate in Taiwan.
ISSN: 1026-5279
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