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Title: 類表份式中的帶數詞
On Quantized Expressions in Pseudopartitives
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學英語學系
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 類表份式中的帶數詞 本研究計畫希冀,深化瞭解類表份結構 (pseudopartitive)中不定補語的解讀;尤 其是,帶數詞內含於此結構中的情況。依據類表份限制(Pseudopartitive Constraint),上述情況應為不合語法。類表份限制(Chen 2008)描述,類表份 結構的內含名詞組不得帶有帶數詞(例如:比較a pound of oranges與*a pound of three hundred oranges)。然而,試考慮下列富代表性的反例:Batali paid blood sausages for a pound of three hundred blood oranges that arrived from Sicily that morning. 一言以蔽之,是什麼豁免了上述例句受此限制的?該違反似與表份 (partitive)語料中分析所遭遇難題雷同,因此懷疑類表份式的解讀是受語用所 支配,而非語意。本研究計畫希望,在表份分析的背景下,評定「棘手的」類表份 式,藉此探求以語用為解釋的可能性。
On Quantized Expressions in Pseudopartitives This research project seeks to gain a better understanding of the interpretation of indefinite complement in pseudopartitive constructions. In particular, the concern is over quantized expression in the embedded position of pseudopartitve construction which, under the Pseudopartitive Constraint, should have been judged ill-formed. The Pseudopartitive Constraint, introduced in Chen (2008), is the restriction that the embedded NP of pseudopartitive construction must not contain a quantized expression (e.g. a pound of oranges vs. *a pound of three hundred oranges). A representative counterexample to the Pseudopartitive Constraint is thus: Batali paid blood sausages for a pound of three hundred blood oranges that arrived from Sicily that morning. In a nutshell, the main puzzle is: What excuses such example from the restriction that governs pseudopartitives? As the violation appears to be reminiscent of the challenges encountered in partitive data, it is suspected that pragmatic principles, rather than semantic restrictions, may be at play for the interpretation of pseudopartives. This research project explores this alternative possibility by assessing the “problematic” pseudopartitives against the background of partitive analysis.
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