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Title: 從哪裡來VS.身在何處--周勵《曼哈頓的中國女人》的離散認同
“Where you are From” VS. “Where You Are at” A Seek of Identity in Diaspora Autobiograpgy
Other Titles: Chinese Woman in Manhattan
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學英語學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2002
Publisher: 私立東海大學文學院
Abstract: 離散族群的身分認同往往受到「從哪裡來」(Where You are From)與「身居何處」(Where You Are At)的交替主導,他們的身分認同也因而不斷的改變。本論文將探討離散女性作家周勵擺盪在「從哪裡來」與「身居何處」的身分認同時,如何書寫她離散錯置的異國經驗?家國的歷史記憶如何影響她的離散認同?國家這個想像社群如何被建構與解構?並進一步探討身居美國的離散族群所經驗到的「美國化」、「全球化」及語言問題。文章結尾並引述周采芹《上海的女兒》一書,以加強離散族群想像國族的論述。
The act of searching for diasporic identity is the renewal of creation. This paper aims to explore how the autobiographic writer, Li Zhou, presents her displacing experiences in the process of seeking identity balance between the concepts of “where your are from ”and “where you are at”; ho the memory of China effects her search of identity; and how the image of a country was constructed and deconstructed. Issues about Americanization, globalization, and languages would also be included, and at last, Shanghai’s Daughter written by Cai-qin Zhou would be discussed to echo the theme of this paper.
ISSN: 1607-2014
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