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Title: 鄉關何處
Homes away from Home
Other Titles: 賽珍珠與葛楚德.史坦的私密地理書寫 
The Intimate Geographies of Pearl Buck and Gertrude Stein
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學英語學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2008
Publisher: 國立臺灣大學外國語文學系
Abstract: 在探索「原鄉」多樣而變動的定義上:個人私密的居處空間、原生或收養的國籍,或作為身份認證上一個有力的文學隱喻,本文將聚焦於兩位移居海外的美國女性作家,賽珍珠與葛楚德‧史坦,在原鄉之外建構故鄉的努力。賽珍珠是長於遙遠中國的傳教士之女;史坦則是巴黎文化革命的先導,生活於二十世紀之交,處於遙遠地域的這兩位作家,在其真實生活及文學隱喻之下,創造出了一個遠離她們祖國美國的原鄉。雖然,賽珍珠與史坦在文風和文化觀照上,有著極大的歧異,但在本文中之所以將她們兩人並置,是因為在其生命及書寫中,地理及位置實占有舉足輕重的角色。兩位作家在作品中,均反覆去推敲自己與祖國美國,及與其他足以被自己稱為原鄉的地方之間,究竟存在著何種關係,並試圖去探討這些關係的本質。而就在兩人於現實與虛構中,為自己建構原鄉的同時,其也歷經了一個脫離文化及家庭的預期與限制,並脫離傳統性別角色的過程。更有甚者,兩位作家也投身於下世紀一些理論性的關注中。就賽珍珠而言,這些包含了對帝國主義野心的抗拒、在跨文化場域中進行的協商、以及對文化及生物學上的「混血」概念,所採用的煽動性觀點。於此同時,史坦全神貫注於其私密的「家庭」韻事上,特別是她在自己與愛麗絲‧托克拉斯同居的巴黎住所及其書寫中,均小心翼翼維護著的那份長久以來的友伴情誼。史坦並也將她的「原鄉」,建置於自己與一個跨國社群(以前衛派藝術家為成員)的友情中,而這樣的關係也導致了沙龍成為她最受好評的幾部作品中的核心特色。賽珍珠與葛楚德‧史坦,她們不遺餘力地試圖將「原鄉」建置在傳統的居處場域之外,而在兩人的努力下,她們也的確在人文藝術與生活上,為以一個新的角度去思索居處於這個世界中的問題,奠下了基礎。
In exploring multiple and shifting definitions of “home” as private domestic space, as nation of origin or adoption, and as a powerful literary metaphor for identity and security, this paper focuses on the efforts at homemaking away from home by two expatriate American women writers, Pearl Buck and Gertrude Stein. At the turn of the 20th century, Buck, the child of missionaries in remote China, and Stein, at the vanguard of a cultural revolution in Paris, created homes away from their native America in real life and in creative work. While Buck and Stein diverge greatly in style, cultural perspective and literary reputation, they appear together in this paper because in their work both focus on issues of home and “intimate” uses of geography and location. Each in her own way pondered issues of national and cultural origins as well, in particular her relationship with her native America and with the other places she called home. In making homes abroad, each went through a process of disengagement from cultural and familial expectations and restrictions, as well as from conventional gender roles. Furthermore, these writers anticipated theoretical concerns of a later era: For Buck, these included resistance to imperial ambitions, negotiations in cross-cultural contact zones, and provocative perspectives on cultural and biological hybridity. Stein meanwhile was preoccupied with intimate “domestic” relationships, in particular the long-term partnership with Alice Toklas that she guarded carefully in the physical space of their home in Paris as well as in her writing. Stein also cultivated her “home” in friendships with an international community of avant-garde artists; these associations constitute an essential feature of the salon-home that is revealed in some of her most celebrated works. In their various efforts to establish a home outside the usual neighborhood, Pearl Buck and Gertrude Stein each in art and in life laid the foundation for a new way of thinking about dwelling in the world.
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