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Title: 國民中學學生基本學力測驗英語雙峰現象暨改進措施
A Study on the Cause of and Remedial Measures for the Abnormal Polarized Score DIstribution of Test Takers in the English Component of Junior High School Basic Competency Test
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學英語學系
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: 多年以來,臺灣省高中高職入學考試中,英語科的成績分佈統計幾乎都是呈雙峰曲線,顯示在我國的英語學習環境中,長久以來一直有一群數目相當穩定的「放棄者」(即低峰群),此一現象到今年國中畢業生基本學力測驗時,受到廣泛注意。其原因可能在於城鄉之間的學習資源不均,也可能與國中教師之教材設計與教學方法有關。無論如何,此一現象的因素複雜,實有必要作深入探討,並研擬改善計畫,以求具體改進。 本研究擬採蒐集試題與成績分析、文獻回顧、問卷調查、座談會、專家諮詢等方式進行,預期五個月完成,研究之預期成果如下: 1.探討英語成績雙峰現象的主因。 2.了解國中英語教學現況。 3.雙峰現象改進措施。
In the English component of junior high school basic competency test, as well as in the senior high school entrance examinations in the past 20 years, the scores without exception have been distributed over an abnormal twin-peak curves, suggesting that a large number of test takers actually abandoned English learning before they took the test. The phenomenon may be due to the uneven distribution of learning/teaching resources in urban and rural areas and also the improper teaching materials and methods adopted in junior high schools. It is of great importance to explore the causes and possible remedial measures of this phenomenon as a part of the effort to enhance the quality of English teaching in this country. The proposed study will last for five months. The methods include literature review, test item analysis, questionnaire survey, panel discussion, and expert consultation. The expected findings include: (1) major causes of the abnormal polarized score distribution of test takers, (2) current practice of English teaching in junior high schools, and (3) remedial measures for the abnormal polarized English competence.
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