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Title: 國民中小學原住民族語教學模式、活動設計與評量方法
Teaching Modes, Teaching Activity Designs and Language Assessment of Aboriginal Language Teaching in Elementary and Junior High Schools
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學英語學系
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: 針對國小、國中原住民族語言教師教學需求,本計畫期能提供適切之教學模式、生動之教學活動與多元之評量方法,希冀研究成果立即可作為九十年暑假原住民族語言種子教師培訓之教學參考資料,對從事原住民語言教師有所助益。其研究主旨如下: (一) 依據國小、國中學生之心智發展特性及需求,參照語言教學理論及研究,探討九年一貫原住民語課程之教學實施模式之理論架構,以提供原住民族語言教師教學之參考。 (二) 針對不同階段學生之需求及不同之教學內容及重點,研發原住民族語言形式 (如:字母、發音、字彙、句型/文法等)及語言技能(如:聽、說、讀、寫)之教學活動設計模式。 (三) 針對國小、國中原住民族語言教學目標,建構原住民族語言多元評量方式,並提供範例。
To meet the needs of aboriginal language teachers in elementary and junior high schools, the present research project attempts to provide some effective teaching modes, lively teaching activities and various types of language assessment, in the hope that the research results can be used as references to the aboriginal language training programs. The objectives of the present research are as follows: (1) Based on the characteristics and needs of the cognitive development of elementary school students and junior highs, and some recent language approaches, some references concerning the present study are reviewed. (2) In accordance to the students’ needs at different stages and varying teaching contents and focus, activities of teaching language forms (e.g. letters, pronunciation, vocabulary, patterns/grammar) and language skills (e.g. listening, speaking, reading and writing) are designed. (3) In accordance to the teaching objectives of aboriginal languages in elementary and high schools, varying types of language assessment on aboriginal languages are provided.
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