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Title: 從科技的社會建構觀點解析Web 2.0 圖資服務的創新過程、使用體驗、成效影響
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Web 2.0概念於圖書館的應用日益普及。圖書館和圖書館員在面對各式網路科技所帶來的衝擊與挑戰之時,逐漸體認到現有的圖書資訊服務可以藉由Web 2.0的概念導入於服務設計、開發、供應、和傳遞,來提升其品質與服務效率。然而從圖資界以Web 2.0為研究對象的文獻中可以發現大多數的研究採技術導向,著重介紹性質的描述Web 2.0之概念及廣泛探討Web 2.0科技在圖書館的應用,和實驗性質的評估某項Web 2.0工具並從使用者的角度歸納出優缺點,提供服務改善建議。本研究透過科技的社會建構理論(Social Construction of Technology)之角度與現象學之哲學思維,視圖書館採用Web 2.0概念與技術為一創新發明歷程,分析Web 2.0在圖書館裡的各種社會角色、意義、及其生命循環周期。本研究共分為四部分,分別為(一)圖書館採用Web 2.0技術與應用服務的現況調查;(二)圖書館導入Web 2.0概念於圖資服務的創新採用及決策歷程;(三)使用者如何詮釋Web 2.0的意義及功能,以及其Web 2.0經驗;(四)圖書館員與使用者如何評估Web 2.0圖資服務的品質(quality)與成效(success),以及Web 2.0之於圖書館和使用的影響(impact)。希望透過宏觀的實證研究,了解Web 2.0在圖書館場域裡多面向的複雜度和豐富性,並提供圖書館在日後進行科技研發及導入時的參考依據。
The concept of Web 2.0 has generated quite a conversation and debate about its potential to offer better Web experiences. Libraries and librarians in facing the challenges from the Internet and the web have to offer, recognize how existing library and information services might be enhanced by incorporating Web 2.0 concepts in service design, development, provision, and delivery. Numerous Web 2.0 applications have been created and widely implemented on the library websites to extend and expand existing services. However, literature on Web 2.0 in the library setting tends to focus on descriptive discussion of the nature of Web 2.0 and how its applications can be implemented on the library Websites; and empirical evaluation of a particular type of Web 2.0 technology so that recommendations for improvement can be achieved. This study, in responding to such research gap and in advancing the understanding of the life cycle of Web 2.0 in the library context, is divided into four parts: (1) Technology: a survey of current practices and provision of Web 2.0-based library services; (2) Innovation: an investigation of the adoption of innovation and implementation of Web 2.0 services; (3) Use: an exploration of users experience of Web 2.0 services and the impact of Web 2.0 on patrons; and (4) Evaluation: a construction of framework for evaluation of success and impact. Through the dual lenses of social constructivism and phenomenology, this study aims to identify the factors affecting the innovation and implementation of Web 2.0 services, and reconstruct and evaluate the user experience of those services. It is expected that the findings of the study will generate major insights and synthesis knowledge into the complex and dynamic nature of Web 2.0 in the library context, and will provide recommendation for the future implementation of new technologies.
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