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Title: 「資訊倫理」在國內圖書資訊學領域的發展概況
Development of Information Ethics in Library and Information Science in Taiwan�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2011
Publisher: 國立臺灣大學圖書資訊學系
Abstract: 在重度倚賴資訊技術的時代,因資訊技術而衍生的社會與倫理議題日益受到關注。根據國 外研究指出,「資訊倫理」是一門重要的議題,且應成為圖書館學教育的必修課程,然而「資 訊倫理」在國內圖書資訊學界仍在發展其應有的價值及相關議題。本文除介紹資訊倫理的起源 及意涵,闡述圖書資訊學領域中「資訊倫理」教育發展現況外,另以臺灣地區7種圖書資訊學 核心期刊作為主體,透過文獻分析方式分析這16年來國內圖書資訊學領域在「資訊倫理」議題 的研究主題變化。希望藉由本文的介紹,讓大眾對「資訊倫理」有更進一步的認識,建立「資 訊倫理」一詞在使用上的統一性,並透過探究國內圖書資訊學領域有哪些主題與「資訊倫理」 議題相關,以供繼續深入研究者參考,並作為未來教學和課程內容的參考依據。
We are facing a growing concern on the social and ethical issues that comes from the increasing reliance on the information technology in information era. Findings of past research point out that Information Ethics is an important issue, and should become a mandatory course for Library and Information Science education. However, the field of Library and Information Science is still developing to value the concept of information ethics and surrounding issues. This article introduces the origin and definitions of information ethics, and analyzes its development in education and research in the field of Library and Information Science in Taiwan over the sixteen years from 1994-2010. We hope to arrive at a further understanding on the issues of “information ethics” and to establish conformity of using the term “information ethics”. In addition, we also hope that the results of the study will serve as a reference for educators and researchers in promoting information ethics. Finally, we propose suggestions for the planning of teaching and curriculum direction.
ISSN: 1606-7509
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