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Title: 在職進修者研究方法課的數位學習研究
Action Research for Exploring Professional Development Students' Learning Experiences in the Blended E-Learning Course Design for Research Methods
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2006
Publisher: 國家圖書館
Abstract: 數位學習的時代,應用電腦及網路實施學習活動,已經成為教學實施的普遍現象。然參與使用新科技的教師和學生如何看待和適應這一波新的學習介面呢?研究者利用圖書資訊學週末碩士班研究方法課程,研擬數位學習研究,包括教學活動規劃及線上輔助教學單元設計,教學活動包括:傳統函授課程、每單元線上練習題繳交、實徵研究文獻閱讀評論、學期報告撰寫研究計畫構想書,並實施兩次線上同步討論各90分鐘,數位學習研究設計規劃學生撰寫學習日誌。該班共有24位在職研究生參與此研究。課程結束後,研究者就學習日誌內容從學習科技、研究方法學習、以及課程設計三方面進行分析,研究發現在職進修學習者對於科技接受程度主現極歡迎和排拒兩極現象,對於研究方法之量化分析概念了解困難:對於課程講解、合作學習、作業,尤其是學習日誌之設計,持正面歡迎之態度。
In the e-Learning society, librarians as well as school teachers are in the leading position to educate students and citizens to obtain information literacy skills in order to effectively use information and communication technology (ICT).These skills include being able to think and evaluate web pages critically as well as being able to read and present new knowledge innovatively. In order to do so, library schools in Taiwan provide programs enhancing their students' information literacy skills. This paper presents the findings from an action research designed for a professional development MLIS program at National Taiwan Normal University. Twenty-four graduate students enrolled in the research methods class participate in the study. A blended e-Learning course design is applied. Students are asked to keep journals. Qualitative approach is then taken to analyze the journals. The research findings reveal polar phenomena of like and dislike for technology use in supplementing traditional learning activities, and reflect learners encountering difficulties in understanding qualitative concepts and techniques. These findings also show those students' appreciation on course design in terms of face to face classroom interaction, collaborative learning, and journal writing.
ISSN: 1026-5279
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A1203_01_064
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