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Title: 補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題
A Book-Purchasing Plan Sponsored by National Science Council
Other Titles: 教育學門發展史
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 現代教育學已經開展建置百餘年了,對於這段不算短的時間以來教育學門的 摸索與試誤,已至不能不加以系統性反思的關鍵時刻。就此歷史事實言,本圖書 購置計畫團隊深刻體悟本領域之重要意義,此一購置計畫之選書主軸與方向亦能 對臺灣、大陸,甚至整個華語世界相關研究領域所需的書籍有前瞻性的預備。 本圖書購置計畫對教育學門採以較廣義之定義作為選取書籍之標準,以教育 學門發展史一手史料的著作為主,再輔以相關之現有研究成果。在有限經費下, 購置對象涵蓋影響我國教育學發展最關鍵的國家,既包括德語以及英文文獻,又 兼顧一手資料之文獻以及現有相關研究成果。在內容方面,既蒐羅學院內的理論 與學派之發展與互動,又重視其於學院之外各場域不同教育層次之平台的互動與 競逐之關係史。一方面為我國教育學門內各個次學科領域之發展史所需文獻作準 備,另一方面也為與中國大陸地區之學術競爭提供關鍵資源,進而持續與提高我 國教育學界在華語地區的影響力。
It has been over 100 years since the initial development of modern educational science. Due to the long-term trial and error, it is now a critical moment to reflect on the field systematically. This team deeply realizes the significance of such a history, so the book-purchasing plan will be aimed to meet the needs of the educational circles of Taiwan, Mainland China, and even the entire Chinese-speaking world. In order to acquire suitable books, this plan defines the field of education on a broad level. The first-hand sources will be our major target, and the research materials will be our second choice. The books we hope to buy will include those from Germany and America, which have exerted great influence on the educational development of modern Taiwan. As to the range of contents, we will collect those books that cover the history of educational theories and schools within the academic circles, as well as their complicated relationships outside the college door. On the whole, the books will be prepared for the historical research of various subjects in the field. To enhance the impact of Taiwan on the Chinese-speaking world, they will also become the key resources of Taiwanese academic circles in the educational competition with Mainland China.
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