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Title: 圖書館電子書書目資料使用與維護問題之研究
A Research of the Use and Maintain Issues of E-Book Metadata in Libraries
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 在電子書發展快速的今天,擴大採用來自供應鏈的書目資料,已是圖書館資訊組 織的重要勢趨。目前台灣的圖書館採購電子書時,也要求廠商提供MARC 書目資 料。在電子書供應鏈上,第一個會建立書目資料應該是作者,其次為出版者,再 來是平台服務商。圖書館得自廠商的書目資料是那一環節所建立?目前在出版社、 銷售平台環節中所採用的書目資料格式並非MARC,如果圖書館要求MARC 格式的 書目資料,其實並非直接由"供應鏈"所提供,而是廠商另外建立的。目前大學 圖書館採購的電子書,各家廠商所提供的書目資料來源為何,品質為何,使用者 檢索時遇到那些問題,是否一定要MARC 書目資料?使用者查詢圖書館電子書館 藏之途徑及需求為何,是否需有獨立的電子書目錄及檢索系統?是否需要預覽或 摘錄等功能?這些問題至今尚無深入的研究。此外書目資料來源多元,圖書館處 理這些資料的原則、程序為何,是否需要編目人員進一步修改處理?圖書館應如 何整合及維護多元的書目資料,以確保其長久正確性?直接採用廠商所提供的書 目資料,甚至直接採用服務平台之目錄,這種模式對圖書館的分類編目,會有何 影響?對圖書資訊學的資訊組織課程,又會有何影響?這些都是本研究擬深入探 討的問題。
Due to astronomical growth in the volume of e-books, libraries in Taiwan need to keep up with the need for resolving issues related to their bibliographic data of e-books. Questions pertaining to their sources, formats, integration and maintain are pressingly facing libraries for them to take immediate measures and steps to respond. This study aims to research the current status libraries are situated in and the future directions they need to focus on to stay on the cutting edge of information service. The research investigates a wide range of relevantly key issues in-depth, including the following. What is the overall quality of bibliographic data available to libraries? Is MARC absolutely essential when libraries obtained metadata from supply chain? How do library patrons in general gain access to such exponentially expanding e-books and search the bibliographic data? Would abstracts be required to be made accessible to users? What are the guidelines and principles libraries should follow in screening, selecting and incorporating the metadata obtained from a diversity of sources of supply chain? How would a direct platform accessible to users demand changes to classification and cataloging? Also, what impact would the possible new structure in bibliographic data make on the courses taught in the core curriculum in the Dept of Library Science? Seeking answers to those bedrock issues is the goal of this research.
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