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Title: 補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題---文化研究與教育
Book Acquisition Plan for Research on Cultural Studies and Education
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 文化研究與教育之範疇,可從兩條發展路線來看:一條是以英國文化研究(Center for Contemporary Cultural Studies,簡稱CCCS)為首,另一條是以美國的教育基礎理論發展為首(Educational Policy Studies,簡稱EPS)。前者是英國特定學術脈絡發展的「文化研究」,其本身在社會科學研究領域來講,是個新興的研究路徑(as cultural studies approach)。後者意義比較廣,它牽涉許多學術傳統與文化理論思潮,關心人類文化的不同層面。本圖書計畫子題「文化研究與教育」之規劃構想,主要是關心文化變遷對教育的影響,因此,本圖書計畫的「文化研究」採後者比較廣的概念,同時並蓄英國文化研究取徑的精神,重視不同社會思潮與文化理論概念如何被機動性與有策略的應用,以幫助我們理解文化變遷對教育的影響,特別是學校教育面臨的挑戰與回應情形。 在教育學領域,目前國內涉及文化研究與教育議題的研究領域,主要是教育社會學,多元文化教育,課程與教學,及國際與比較教育等。其發展與英美兩國的文化研究與教育之發展比較,仍有許多教育研究之關鍵議題有待開發,也因此本領域的圖書規劃與典藏有其必要性。 本計畫擬購的圖書特色與期望有四:一、補足美國EPS傳統「文化研究與教育」的經典;二、蒐集與教育有直接關係的英國文化研究路徑之書籍;三,整理跨領域的文化研究相關基礎理論與關鍵新興教育研究議題;四,蒐集以東亞華文為主的社會與文化變遷對教育影響的相關著作。 期盼此重點議題的典藏,可協助國內教育研究,洞察社會與文化變遷對教育的影響,讓台灣的教育學界接觸更具有前瞻性研究,並進而提供知識轉化與文化重構路徑,以因應不斷變動的教育處境。
There are two lines of development relating to cultural studies and education. One is from the development of CCCS in Britain. Another is from the transition of Educational Policy Studies in the USA. The former has become a cross-disciplinary field, called Cultural Studies, and more correctly, to be seen as cultural studies approach. The latter is laden with a broader meaning which relates to cultural theories, theories of cultural anthropology and cultural sociology. Concerning impacts of cultural change on education, this project deals with cultural studies from the latter view fused with cultural studies approach so as to holistically interrogate the impact of cultural change on education, especially in its response to rapid cultural change as a challenge. In Taiwan, there are sub-fields of education directly relating to the study of culture, which are sociology of education, multicultural education, curriculum theory, pedagogy and comparative education, etc. In comparison with the development of cultural studies and education in the UK and the USA, there are much more critical issues to be tackled for the Taiwanese academia. This project aims to: (1)catch up with collections of cultural studies in education in the USA in which Taiwan’s collection is behind where the legacy of the EPS line left with; (2) collect books in educational field which follows the UK cultural studies approach; (3) collect books which are about foundations of cultural theories and deal with cutting-edge issues of education in face of new era of cultural change; (4) collect books which are about education in the context of cultural change in East Asia, especially Mandarin-speaking societies. It is expected that this collection will enhance the capacity of educational research to provide educational insight in face of cultural change in Taiwan. By way of getting in touch with the cutting-edge studies, we hope, Taiwanese academia will be able to transform knowledge and reconstruct a new path to educational studies in order for us to cope with shifting nature of society and culture.
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