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Title: 補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題---幼兒教育、家庭教育與師資教育
Book Acquisition for Research in Early Childhood Education, Family Education and Teacher Education
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 嬰幼兒階段是人一生中成長最為快速且可塑性最高的一段時期。近年來有關嬰幼 兒研究蓬勃發展,已成為跨心理學、神經科學、生物、語言學、教育、社會等學門的 重要研究領域。許多嬰幼兒發展的研究結果都證實嬰幼兒階段為人生發展的關鍵時 期,此階段的照顧與教養品質攸關幼兒未來的發展與表現。 當今嬰幼兒發展研究,除了持續探討幼兒生理、認知、語言和社會情緒個別領域 之發展歷程和變化外,更加重視情境(contexts)的影響,例如生活環境、家庭和同儕、 學校、文化信念與經驗等。此外,不同因素的交互作用,例如基因與環境、大腦與發 展、各發展領域(譬如,認知與情緒,語言與情緒),以及特殊幼兒、弱勢幼兒、不同 文化族群幼兒之發展等也都是目前嬰幼兒發展研究領域關注的焦點。 因此本計畫以「家庭、學校與嬰幼兒發展」為焦點,預計購置圖書3,000 本,分三 年完成。第一、二年分別以購置嬰幼兒發展與評量圖書,以及家庭與學校教育對嬰幼兒 發展影響方面圖書為主,第三年則以特殊和文化不利(新住民、原住民、低收入家庭等) 幼兒之發展和教育圖書為主,並將購置此領域最新出版圖書。
Individuals undergo remarkable changes during the early childhood years and the changes are never more rapid than in this period. To this day, the field of child development has advanced and broadened. It has become interdisciplinary, encompassing the fields of psychology, neuroscience, biology, linguistics, education, sociology, etc. Results of modern studies of child development across different disciplines have shown that care and education of children during the early years is essential for their development and performance in the future. Researchers in developmental science have been interested in progression and changes children undergo in several domains of development, i.e., perceptual, cognitive, language, social, and emotional. In this field there is growing interest in contributions of the contexts where children live, including physical environment, family, school, cultural beliefs and experiences, etc. Moreover, interplay of genes and environment, brain growth and development, intersections among domains of development (e.g., cognition and emotion, language and emotion), development of atypical or culturally diverse children are also the major concerns of contemporary research of child development. In light of the significance of early childhood development and the research trends of this field, this three-year project focuses on collection of 3,000 books on central issues of child development and education. Three areas of books will be collected in three years: (1) child development and early childhood assessments (the first year), (2) influences of home and school on child development (the second year), and (3) development and education of atypical and culturally deprived children, such as children with mothers from Southeast Asia, children from aboriginal or low income families, etc. (the third year). The books newly published will be collected in the third year of the project too.
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