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Title: 台灣電影數位典藏及推廣計畫(97年度)
Digital Archive Project for the Preservation and Application of Taiwan Cinema
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 「台灣電影數位典藏及推廣計畫」旨在建立台灣電影的永續典藏與應用,透過數位化,建立電影數位典藏之標準作業流程及技術規範,設置電影典藏資料庫網站及舉辦訓練與學術活動以進行電影典藏資料庫之推廣與應用。98年度工作將繼續進行台灣電影與相關文物之數位化工作,增加500小時的數位影音資料及20,000筆圖文資料,進行資料庫內容深化研究,主題規劃,於網站上提供新增影片、後設資料,以及文物圖片供參,及網站維運行銷,舉辦數位影展、實體文物展,並以全國各大學相關系所教師及中小學教師為對象,舉辦電影數位學習與應用工作坊及國際研討會,使師生能透過數位學習參與,關注台灣數位典藏工作,進而推廣至學術研究,教學內容,使全民共享電影數位化成果。 在經費規劃方面,將延續97年所建立之「電影數位化中心」所需維運之設備、場地、人員,整理、複製、製作中間片,數位化,印製拷貝及維護資訊系統之資料庫、網站等費用原為29,908千元,初審經費核定後,修正為28,547千元;採購影片整理與數位化之相關設備器材原規劃約6,000千元,用於網站、典藏系統維護,增購儲存硬碟及程式與資料異地備份等,修正經費為3,000千元。
The purpose of this project is to establish a sustainable digital preservation and application of Taiwan films conserved in the Chinese Taipei Film Archive. We will formulate a standardized operation procedure and technical guidelines, set up an internet website for our archival film database, and conduct training and scholastic programs to promote the application of these digitized film data. We plan to continue our efforts in digitizing films and related material in 2009, yielding about 500 hours of digital film data as well as 20,000 digital files of photographs, texts and other film related material. We will use the data in the database for further research. The website will offer the newly added films, metadata, and pictures of physical artifacts of film for use by the users, especially those teachers in cinema and related fields in university as well as in primary and middle schools. Through their participation in workshops and international conferences on digital learning and application of film data, we hope the students and teachers of all levels and all ages will be involved in the digital archiving of film and video, thus extend the outcome of this project to be shared by the general public. Budget for digital facilities, the hiring of personnel, the making of digital intermediate and prints, as well as the maintaining of database and website in 2009 has been approved to be NT$28,547,000. Budget for purchasing related equipments for digitization will be three million Taiwan dollars, for maintaining website and archival system and purchasing hard disks, software as well as backup files.
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