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Title: 水產研究人員隱性知識分享之研究
The Research of Tacit Knowledge Sharing
Other Titles: A Case Study of Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2007
Publisher: 國立臺灣大學圖書館
Abstract: 本論文的研究目的為分析水產研究人員的隱性知識在學術傳播的分享方式,探討水產研究人員隱性知識分享的現況,並綜合研究發現,提供水產專門研究之圖書館提供服務的方向。本研究以質性研究為取向,主要採取深度訪談法,輔以參與觀察和相關文獻資料來進行資料蒐集,研究對象為水產試驗所研究人員,於民國九十四年八月至十月間採取立意的配額取樣,針對十六位研究人員進行深度訪談,其後將資料予以歸納分析、編碼與詮釋,最後作結果呈現。研究結果顯示,水產研究人員的隱性知識是屬於專業實踐的現場知識;分享的方法是直接的溝通方式;隱性知識轉移的重要性因為層級與認知不同而有差異。研究建議,成立隱性知識分享小組,並進一步提昇圖書館成為知識中心。
This study is a quantitative research to explore researchers' tacit knowledge sharing behaviors of the Fisheries Research Institute in Taiwan. The goal is to enhance library's services to fisheries researchers through this understanding. The study has depth interviewed 16 researchers from different departments of the Institute. In addition, their relevant work documents such as laboratory diaries and project notes are also reviewed. The study shows that researchers' tacit knowledge is the knowledge of professional practice. Their sharing method mainly is direct communication through conference, meeting, and laboratory diaries and notes. The study found that the Institute lacks a systematic mechanism to display researchers' tacit knowledge. The importance of the transfer of tacit knowledge is not firmly recognized. Thus, the study suggests that creating specified groups and establishing environment for sharing tacit knowledge in the Institute are needed. Also, the Institute could enhance library's functions to become a fisheries knowledge management center in Taiwan.
ISSN: 1682-2889
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A1202_01_069
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