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Title: 資源探索服務之功能評估指標
Other Titles: Exploring Functionality Indicators for Web-Scale Discovery Service
Authors: 柯, 皓仁
Ke, Hao-Ren
Keywords: 資源探索服務
Web-Scale Discovery Service
Unified Index
Discovery Layer
Issue Date: 7-Nov-2012
Publisher: 國家實驗研究院科技政策與資訊中心
Citation: 2012年CONCERT國際研討會
Abstract: 自2009年左右,資源探索服務一詞面世以來,受到圖書館界的熱烈討論,不少資源探索服務因運而生。資源探索服務乃是由聯合索引和資源探索層所構成,藉由兩者的搭配提供使用者單一的檢索介面,同時檢索圖書館自有、訂購和公開取用的多樣化資源,並提供相關排序、層面瀏覽、個人化與社群服務等功能。本文的主旨在於闡述資源探索服務的特性,並歸納整理資源探索服務的功能指標,供圖書館界選擇資源探索服務時參考。 A Web-scale discovery service (discovery service, for short) is a new service that may realize the discovery and delivery of high-quality information in the library. A discovery service is composed of a unified index and a discovery layer. The unified index pre-harvests and pre-indexes a variety of information resources, including the MARC records created by the library, the metadata of the institutional repository or digital content management system of the library, the metadata and full-text (for indexing) of the databases and electronic journals subscribed by the library, and the metadata and full-text (for indexing) of open-access systems. A user can then search the contents in the unified index through the discovery layer. The discovery layer incorporates functionality such as relevance ranking, facet navigation, personalized service and social networking service. This article aims at explicating the features of a discovery service, and draw the functionality indicators that may be adopted and(or) amended by any library which wants to purchase a discovery service.
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