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Title: 運用行動載具支援早期英語寫作對EFL學生早期讀寫能力的成效評估
An Evaluation of Mobile-Device-Supported Early Writing Activities on Early Reading and Writing Skills of Elementary EFL Learners
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學英語學系
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 早期英語寫作技巧的訓練對學生EFL 學習的早期階段非常重要,因為可以讓學 生建立好聲音-拼字對應的基礎能力,而這項能力可讓學生有效地運用早期的讀 寫技能,同時對發音也非常重要。一個結合寫作技能與寫作過程的詳細規劃能提 供學習者一個好的早期語言學習課程。對兒童而言,這樣的訓練課程尤其重要。 豐富的寫作支援環境、合作學習、作品發表、同儕互評與分享能提升學生作品的 質與量,也是激發學生寫作動機的有效方法。行動載具因其個人化、行動性與高 度的互動性特質是資訊科技輔助早期寫作能力培養最具潛力工具。然而,要讓行 動載具能真正輔助EFL 學習者培養其早期寫作技能,需要有適當的教學內容引 導學生將所學的寫作技巧應用於作品的創作上,也需要適當的介面以輔助其進行 資料蒐集與同儕溝通,並且需要合適的平台供作品發表與同儕互評。根據上述需 要,本研究的目的有三:一為依據早期英語寫作必備的技巧,設計適合EFL 學 習者早期英語寫作引導教材與功能性寫作所需的輔助工具。二,依據功能性寫作 過程所需的輔助工具,設計適當的介面作為資料搜尋、同儕溝通與作品分享的平 台。三,探討整合行動載具進行早期英語寫作教學,對EFL 學生早期讀寫能力 的影響。
The mechanics of early writing are very important at the initial stage of EFL learning since they help students establish a good basis in sound-spelling correspondences, which are important for effective use of reading and writing skills and also for good prouncition. A carefully designed program which combines the mechanics of writing with the composing process can serve young EFL learners well during the early stages of a language course. It is especially true for children. Meanwhile, in a comuter-rich environment, students have more opportunities for collaborative writing, publishing their works, peer-evaluation, and sharing ideas. It is able to enhance both the quality and quantity of student writing, and it also can effectively inspire students』 writing motivation. Mobile devices are special and promising tools for training early writing skills because of their personal and portable nature and because of the kinds of interactions they can support with other learners and the environment. In order to fulfill the potential of mobile devices in early EFL writing, teachers need materials for guiding young EFL learners to apply early linguistic skills in writing activities and tools for accessing resources, collaborative writing, and work publishing. Based on the above facts, we set our objects of this project as: 1. designing materials for the development of students』 early writing skills and writing tools for early functional writing. 2. Designing and implementing the interface and platform for resource searching, peer communication, and work publishing. 3. Investigating the methods for integrating mobile devices to early EFL writing activities and evaluating its efficiencies.
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