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Title: 台電公司競爭情報平台建立
Infrastructure of Competitive Intelligence Platform for Taipower
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學英語學系
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 智財權應用及競爭情報是近年來興起的分析研究及新型服務方式,受到企業界廣泛關注和高度重視。本計畫在於分階段為台電公司建立競爭情報平台,第一步是規劃專利分析方法學,建立專利分析流程,再配合台電公司實際案例,進行專利地圖製作及迴避設計。第二步依據台電競爭情報需求,建立專利資料庫。第三步規劃商標檢索分析流程,根據專利分析結果,建立競爭情報平台所需的商標資料庫。第四步引入系統創新設計方法 (例如TRIZ),輔助台電建立技術預測能力,第五步,整合第一至四步驟的專利、商標、技術能力,配合知識管理所需元件,建立適合台電公司的競爭情報平台,此平台未來尚可納入其他功能,隨時擴充, 台電可籍此平台提升鼓勵研發及進行資產規劃。
Recently, application of intellectual property and competitive intelligence is a new business and analytical tool. In this project, we will follow step 1 to step 5 to build a versatile competitive intelligence platform for Taipower Co. Step 1?HHGBuild up patent analysis methodology and design patent analytical preocess specifically for Taipower?HH?HHs project. Patent map and design around will be done on the Taipower?HH?HHs project thereafter. Step 2?HHGAccording to the requirement of Taipower, set up related patent databank. Step 3?HHGDesign trademark search strategy for Taipower. Comprtitors information will come from patent analysis and collect accrodingly. Trademark databank will be fitted into competitive intelligence platform later. Step 4?HHGIntroduce creative methology (e.g TRIZ) and help inserting it in the competitive intelligence platform. Taipower will enhance its technical forecast ability by the new creative methodology. Step5?HHGIntegrate the databanks stated in step 1 to step 4 to build up a suitable competitive intelligence platform for Taipower. It can be expanded in the furture and can be used for R&D and asset management.
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