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Title: 中小學英語課程綱要整合型研究
An Integrated Study on Taiwan’s Elementary and Secondary School English Curricula
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學英語學系
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本計畫以五個角度(五個子計畫)檢視已實行八年之九年一貫課程綱要在英語教育之成效,檢討英語課綱並提出建議。第一個子計畫回顧國內現有對高中、國中、小學課程相關研究,找出學者專家對國內英語課程之看法;第二個子計畫比較東亞各國【中(含香港)日韓】等地之高中、國中、小學英語課程之異同;第三個子計畫比較各國高中、國中、小學教科書中的字彙;第四個子計畫探討國內中小學英語師資現況,並規劃出英語教師應具備之英語教育專業核心能力;第五個子計畫則探討中小學內學習資源現況及教師使用學習資源的情形,以了解國內英語學習環境之建構是否有助於英語學習。
The present proposal, in five different theoretical and pedagogical perspectives, is intended to examine the effectiveness of Taiwan’s Nine-year English Curriculum Guidelines implemented in 2001 and to offer practical suggestions on its improvements. With the aim to illuminate the impact and effectiveness of the curricula, the first study adopts the methods of systematic review to analyze the existing literature on elementary and secondary school English education. The second project is a cross-national study that aims to examine the curriculum guidelines for English education at the elementary and secondary school levels in Taiwan as well as in East Asian countries such as Mainland China, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong. At the end of this comparative study, suggestions will be made regarding the curriculum development for English education in Taiwan. The third study aims to investigate and examine the quantity, the selection criteria, as well as the extent of repetition of vocabulary words in elementary and secondary school textbooks in Taiwan and other Asian countries such as Mainland China, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. Practical suggestions will be offered to elementary and secondary school teachers, textbook writers and the authorities in Taiwan. The fourth study explores the profiles of current Enlgish teachers at elementary and secondary schools and proposes professional standards for Enlgish teachers. The purpose of the fifth study is to survey English teachers’ use and perceptions of instructional technology both in elementary schools and secondary schools island-wide in order to examine its effectiveness.
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