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Title: 成都方言重疊構詞及其內部聲調變化
Chengdu Reduplication and Tonal Alternation
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學英語學系
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本計畫將調查並分析四川省成都方言重疊構詞形式及其內部的聲調表現。 連讀變調現象一直是漢語音韻學的核心議題之一;不過一般有關漢語方言連讀變 調的研究多著重在一般詞彙的連讀變調現象,而乎略了重疊詞內部的聲調表現。此 外,文獻中有關重疊詞連讀變調的研究也多半著重於分析「前字變調」的語言(即: 右重方言)。本計畫擬調查並分析涉及「後字變調」的成都方言之重疊變調,以期能 為漢語重疊詞連讀變調現象的研究帶來不同類型之語料及刺激。 對於成都方言重疊詞連讀變調現象,本計畫將探討以下幾個問題:(一)成都方言 除了文獻上所記載之重疊形式外,是否還有其它的重疊形式?(二)成都方言重疊詞的 連讀變調現象和一般連讀變調現象有何異同?(三)不同詞類是否影響成都方言重疊詞 的連讀變調現象?(四)成都方言重疊詞的連讀變調現象應如何以音韻理論來詮釋?本 計畫擬大量收集不同音節數、不同聲調組合、以及不同詞類的成都重疊詞以釐清上述議 題,並以音韻理論將所觀察到的通則具形化,並比較成都方言重疊詞連讀變調和一般連 讀變調之異同。 本計畫從蒐集成都方言重疊詞語料出發,一方面客觀地陳述所收集之語料,另一方 面則以當代音韻學理論加以分析探討重疊詞的連讀變調現象。本計畫預期將對漢語方言 重疊詞連讀變調機制之瞭解、及音韻理論之檢視和建構有所貢獻。
Researches on tone sandhi phenomena of Chinese dialects have long been ignoring reduplicative tone sandhi. Besides, researches on reduplicative tone sandhi have long been centered on examining right prominent dialects such as Beijing Mandarin, Hakka, and Tianjin, etc. This project seeks to investigate reduplicative tone sandhi in the Chengdu dialect spoken in Sichuan Province, which exhibits left prominent tone sandhi. This project is intended to address the following issues. First, in addition to the reduplication patterns of AA, AAB, ABB, and AABB reported in the reduplicative studies of Chengdu, are other reduplication patterns commonly found in other Chinese dialects also exist in Chengdu? Second, how is reduplicative tone sandhi in Chengdu similar to or different from regular tone sandhi? Third, is Chengdu reduplicative tone sandhi influenced by different syntactic categories (such as Noun and Verb)? Forth, how is reduplicative tone sandhi accounted for by Optimality Theory? We will conduct a fieldwork to collect data of reduplication in Chengdu to address the above issues. In addition, we will provide theoretical analysis to the generalization observed. After studying the tonal behavior in Chengdu reduplication, we will also compare reduplicative tone sandhi with regular tone sandhi. This project will be significant for the study of Chinese reduplicative tone sandhi because it investigates left prominent reduplicative tone sandhi which has been long been ignored. The finding of this project should be able to broaden our understanding to Chinese tone sandhi as well as test or help construct theoretical models
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