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Title: 冒險治療培訓工作坊對高中職輔導教師自我覺察之影響
Other Titles: 以「99年度高級中等學校冒險輔導種子教師培訓工作坊」為例
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2014
Publisher: 台灣輔導與諮商學會
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討高中職教師於冒險治療培訓中的學習經驗、自我覺察及影響。以質性研究方式針對高中職輔導教師冒險治療四梯次培訓工作坊中的七位受訪者,作兩次深入訪談及分區迷你焦點訪談共三階段訪談,得研究結果如下:受訪者在培訓中所引發的自我覺察包含了「個人的覺察」以及「在工作與工作關係上的覺察」兩大面向。本研究建議後續研究可進一步增加男性研究對象數量、擴大研究對象工作性質或專業背景多樣性及縮小研究資料收集範圍。實務方面,本研究建議未來教育當局能積極推廣此類教師研習,以期為學校輔導工作注入新的輔導與教學模式。
This study examined how the adventure therapy training workshops could improve high school counselors' self-awareness and learning experience The objectives of this study are seven female high school counselors who attended the four adventure therapy training workshops, led the practice of students' adventure therapy groups, and attended a supervision meeting Through two in-depth interviews and a mini focus group, the results of this study were as bellow: Through the training workshops, the participants developed awareness about themselves, their job and the relationship with students of their work. Results of this study suggested that future research should include more male participants and participants who have different professional and training backgrounds, or narrowing the scope of research data collection. In addition, the government should promote this kind of training workshop for teachers/counselors as it may help teachers/counselors develop new counseling or teaching mode.
ISSN: 1728-5186
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0417_01_002
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