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Title: 政治支持、民主態度與正當性傾向
Political Support, Democratic Attitude, and Legitimacy Orientation
Other Titles: 中國大陸與台灣的參照
A Comparison of Mainland China and Taiwan
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2013
Abstract: 公民面對政治體系態度、傾向與行動的「正當性傾向」,被視為是一國政治秩序維 持的關鍵因素。如此政治文化的研究取向,在政權轉型場域中也佔有相當重要的理論 位置。本計畫從政治支持、民主態度兩個經驗概念出發,透過以台灣為參照的比較研 究設計來探索與界定中國大陸民眾的正當性傾向。本計畫除了揭示兩岸民眾正當性傾 向的概況外,更將研究焦點放在比較這兩個社會民眾表達政治支持、民主態度的理由, 特別是工具性與內在性思維的釐清。 本研究計畫預期,由於政治體制的相異以及發展程度的階段不同,兩岸民眾在面 對權威當局以及民主的相關態度傾向,也將存有不同的社會心理機制。具體來說,本 研究計畫將處理的研究議題包括民主態度類型分析、政治支持的內涵與不同層次的釐 清以及儒家傳統價值遺續的影響及其意涵。基於兩岸相似的文化、社會遺續,本研究 計畫的核心關懷將是以民主社會的台灣為參照,以政治文化研究途徑回應中國大陸共 黨政權轉型可能性的課題。
Legitimacy orientation, a set of public opinions describing how the citizens view the political system in a country, is critical for the maintenance of political order and the transition of political regime. Applying two empirical concepts of political support and democratic attitude to a comparative study, this research project explores and identifies the legitimacy orientation in China in contrast with that of Taiwan. In addition, the project compares the reasons why people express political support and democratic attitude in these two societies, with a special focus on instrumental reasons and intrinsic reasons. Due to the difference in regime type and developmental stage, legitimacy orientations in China and Taiwan diverge in properties and socio-psychological mechanisms. Specifically, this project conducts a typological analysis on different democratic attitudes, and clarifies the different connotations and levels of political support in these two societies. Meanwhile, the project explores the diverse influences of Confucian tradition heritage and its implications. By comparing two societies with similar cultural heritage but different political regimes, the project draws implications on the prospect of China’s regime transition from the perspective of political culture.
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