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Title: 九年一貫課程社會學習領域公民基本內容評析
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2006
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Abstract: 教育部為推動教育改革,自九十學年起實施國民中小學九年一貫課程,按部頒課程綱要,原本的地理、歷史、公民、與道德等課程,全併為學習領域,並以能力指標取代教材鋼要。實施以來,問題浮現,由於學者、教師及出版書商解讀能力指標的尺度不一,導致教學內容無法統一,孩童轉學產生銜接問題。教育部有鑑於此,乃於課程鋼要中增列基本內容,俾使教學內容形成交集,一方面有利於教師教學,另方面也實現了「一鋼多本」的目標。 現行國中公民基本內容,具備了可補充課程鋼要不足、符合學生由近而遠的學習歷程、融入現代社會生活、突顯臺灣主體性、以及易於實 施議題和價值教學等特色,不過也衍生了課程設計缺乏學理根據、意識型態充斥、公民知識教學體系支離、教材內容配置不當、邏輯關係錯亂 和能力指標解讀落差等問題,對現行公民科教學不無影響。因此,針對上述問題,也研究提出一些改進措施,期能導引國中社會科教學正常化。
To implement educational reform, the Taiwan Ministry of Education launched the Grade 1-9 Curriculum in 2001, in which the three courses of geography, history and civic education are integrated into the area of Social Studies and Teaching Content guidelines are replaced with Competence Indicators. However, in the few years after implementation of the Grade 1-9 Curriculum policy, disputes emerged and led to various difficulties surrounding teaching, particularly disagreement derived from diverging interpretations of the Competence Indicators. To resolve the problem, the Ministry of Education prescribed Core contents to establish the common ground for teaching and to facilitate the goal of "Single guideline - Multiple Textbooks". The Core Contents for civic education in social studies offer the following advantages: completing the Curriculum guidelines, adapting a step-by-step curriculum model beneficial to students' learning, providing the knowledge and skills pertinent to life in modern society, highlighting the Taiwan subjectivity and possessing suitability to issue-centered teaching. However, the Core contents also bring about some disadvantages, such as the lack of a solid philosophical grounding, being ideologically laden, inappropriately distributing contents across volumes, lack of consistent logic, and an incomplete interpretation of Competence Indicators. This article aims to present some suggestions to resolve the above-mentioned problems and then to improve the teaching of social studies in junior high school.
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