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Title: 父母對青少年子女之同儕攻擊行為的影響:攻擊形式、影響途徑與調節因子之探討
Parental Influence in Adolescents$ Aggression: the Study of Aggression Forms, Pathways, and Moderators
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理與輔導學系
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究之主要目的在於探討父母管教方式對於子女同儕攻擊行為之影響,並檢視其直 接與間接的影響途徑、對不同形式攻擊行為(肢體與關係攻擊)的影響方式、及可能 對後續心理適應有所關聯的調節因素。研究者預計以二年的研究時程,針對台灣北、 中、南區共六所國小,約540 位五年級學生、及其家長與導師,進行共三次的施測, 以期回答下列六項研究問題:(1)父母的管教方式是否對於孩子的攻擊行為有直接的 作用?(2)在父母的管教方式對孩子攻擊行為的預測關係中,親子關係是否具有間接 角色的效果?(3)父母管教方式與子女攻擊行為二者之間的關聯,是否會因父母及子 女的性別因素而異?(4)父母的管教方式與子女的攻擊行為是否具有相互性的影響? (5)不同形式的攻擊行為是否會對青少年的心理適應後果,有不同的預測力?與(6) 父母對攻擊行為的信念與因應,是否會調節孩子攻擊行為與適應後果間之關聯?研究 結果預期對理論及實務層面都能有所貢獻。
The purpose of this study is to explore the influences of parenting strategies on adolescents’ aggressive behaviors, by examining the direct and indirect pathways of parental influences, the ways of influences on different forms of aggression (i.e., physical and relational aggression), and the moderating factors between aggression and maladjustment outcomes. The participants will be recruited from six elementary schools from three cities or counties of Taiwan. The total of 18 classrooms of the fifth-graders will be included. Several scales will be administered to the students and their parents in total of three times at three sememters. There are six research questions in this study: (1) Are there direct effects of parenting strategies on children’s aggressive behaviors? (2) Does the parent-child relation play an indirect role in the relationship between parenting and children’s aggression? (3) Are the relationships between parenting and children’s aggression different by the genders of parents or children? (4) Are there reciprocal influences between parenting and children’s aggression? (5) Do the different forms of children’s aggression predict differently their psychosocial outcomes? And (6) Does parents’ beliefs and copings about aggression moderate the links between children’s aggression and their adjustment outcomes? The findings of this study will make theoretical and practical contributions to this domain.
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