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Title: 國中生之關係攻擊與關係受害:社會認知與情緒層面之相關特性探討
Relational Aggression and Relational Victimization of Junior-High-School Students : Social-Cognitive and Affective Characteristics
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理與輔導學系
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 國中生之關係攻擊與關係受害 ─社會認知與情感層面之相關特性探討 青少年同儕間的攻擊行為是校園中亟需處理的問題,除了會明顯造成身體傷害的外顯肢體攻擊行為之外,另一種相對隱匿的攻擊行為─關係攻擊,也是不容忽視的。關係攻擊是指藉由破壞他人的人際關係或社交聲望而達傷害目的之攻擊行為,而關係受害則是指遭遇關係攻擊的受害狀況。過去研究發現,關係攻擊的現象在青少年早期階段可能是高峰期,而其對個體造成在社會心理適應困難上的傷害並不亞於外顯肢體攻擊。延續研究者之前的研究結果,擬於本研究中針對關係攻擊之社會認知因素、與關係受害之情感特性再加以探討。研究參與者為840位台灣北、中、南部之國中生,將以同儕提名問卷及自陳方式,分別界定出班級中的關係攻擊者及關係受害者。另將翻譯編製三份量表以探討與關係攻擊相關之社會認知因素─關係攻擊之規範信念、關係攻擊之自我效能、與關係攻擊之結果預期;與編擬三份量表以探討與關係受害相關之情感認知特性─社會評價在意度、拒絕敏感度、與同儕認可需求度。冀由本研究之結果,得以對台灣青少年的關係攻擊加害與受害相關之心理因素,能有更進一步之了解。
The purpose of this study is to explore the social cognitive factors and affective characteristics of the aggressors and victims involved in relational aggression. The participants will consist of 840 junior high school students from three areas of Taiwan. A peer nomination procedure will be administered to identify the relational aggressor, and a self-report scale will be used to define the relational victims within each classroom. Three scales will be developed to explore three factors in the social cognitive dimension of relational aggression – i.e. normative beliefs, self-efficacy, and outcome expectancy of relational aggression. Another three scales will be constructed to examine three factors in the affective dimensions of relational victimization – i.e. the degrees of social evaluative concerns, rejection sensitivity, and need for peer approval. The findings of this study are expected to further our understanding of the important psychological characteristics of relational aggression and relational victimization during early adolescence.
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