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Title: 初學駕駛之基礎教育訓練課程研發-學習讀本篇
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理與輔導學系
Issue Date: 1-May-2012
Abstract: 本研究結合教育心理、課程設計、交通安全、測驗評量、視覺設計等專長學者之專業,組成跨領域的讀本編輯與研究團隊,並透過嚴謹的審查制度,共同編審出適合初學者需求的課程綱要與讀本。 在課程綱要的發展方面,強調結構原則、知識整合、實用性與問題解決。在讀本設計方面,則以初學駕駛者的需求出發,力求章節結構清楚,文字簡明意賅,以能清楚傳達概念為原則。此外,本研究也以高中、職學生為對象進行實徵研究,並據此調整讀本的可讀性與適切性。本研究共發展學科課程綱要與對應教學指引、汽機車學習讀本與對應教學投影片,以及命題計畫、試題設計流程與實作評量例題。 本研究期藉此讀本傳遞給初學駕駛者正確的駕駛態度與技能,讓駕駛人對交通系統及其元素、駕駛道德與安全駕駛的觀念能有整體的認識,能掌握交通系統的運作特性、風險與相關規定,降低其在道路上發生事故的機率。同時,培養駕駛人良好的道德與駕駛習慣,增進我國道路駕駛之安全性,達到促進交通安全的目標。
Abstract This research is conducted by an interdisciplinary research team of professionals, each bringing in their expertise from the fields of educational psychology, instructional design, transportation safety, test evaluation, visual design in developing the course outlines and course readers exclusively designed for beginning learners. To arrive at a courseware that is well-suited for beginning learners, the course readers underwent rigorous peer-review and intensive revisions. In developing the course outline, emphasis were placed on structural principles, knowledge integration, practicality and problem solving. The course readers were designed to meet the need of the novice motorists through clearer chapter structures, and more understandable texts to clearly convey the principle concepts. Furthermore, we conducted empirical studies on high school and vocational students. The readability and appropriateness of the course readers were adjusted according to the findings we obtained. Together, this team developed course outlines, corresponding teaching guidelines, course readers for driving automobiles, slides used for teaching, plans for test items design and development, and example items of performance assessment. The course readers developed in the study were intended to guide novice motorists in developing both appropriate attitudes and skills in driving. By getting them acquainted with traffic system and its various components, the novice drivers can gain a better understanding of driving safety and driving morality. It is also through gaining a better of understanding of how transportation system operates and the risks and laws involved that good moral driving habits can be built, leading to reduced traffic accidents and enhanced overall road safety.
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