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Title: 能力導向之全方位華語學習-能力導向之全方位華語學習(I/Ⅲ)
Competence-Oriented Omniform Learning (COOL) for Chinese as a Foreign Language(I)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理與輔導學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2009
Abstract: 本研究計畫旨在規劃與評估一套以實徵研究為基礎之數位華語學習計畫。本計畫整 合課程綱要、教學、學習、測驗、國際合作與產學合作等六個層面,以教學、學習與測 驗之理論為基礎,透過課程規劃、學習活動設計以及實徵研究評估,建構一個提供學習 者以能力為導向的全方位數位華語學習環境。能力導向指的是透過本學習計畫,學習者 習得的將是能活用的華語能力,亦即具備情境感知與文化素養之正確使用華語的能力。 全方位指的是提供學習者各種風貌的學習環境(同步/非同步、面對面、web 2.0 的合作 知識建構、及提供e 化教材等等),讓學習者可以根據自身的能力、速度、與所處環境 等來選擇學習華語的方式。此研究成果除了能提升台灣華語數位學習研究之水平,亦將 研究成果提供業界研發優質華語數位教材之參考,有效推廣華語學習研究之成果。
The purposes of this study are to design an e-learning system for learning Chinese as a foreign language (CFL) and to conduct a series of pratical experiments to evaluate its effects upon CFL competence acquisition of foreign learners. This study will integrate six modules -- syllabus, teaching, learning, assessment, international cooperation, and cooperation of academic and commerce –into a competence-oriented omniform learning system for Chinese as a foreign language (COOL Chinese). COOL Chinese will provide the CFL learners with a competence-based and omiform learning environment by careful and theory-based designs (syllabus, teaching and learning activities) as well as pratical evaluations. ‘Competence-oriented’means what the CFL learners learn will be active linguistic competence rather than inert linguistic knowledge. Besides, ‘oniform’means that learners will be able to choose the appropriate tools and learning environmet depending on their own learning situation (such as age, ability, and settings). As a result, COOL Chinese will be able to help CFL learners develop qualified CFL compotences with a context and cultural awareness. The research results will be able to promote both of the quailitaty and quatity of reserach on CFL in Taiwan. Futhermore, the finding of this research will also benefit the design quality of Chinese e-learning materials and the expansion of the worldwide market of these e-learning materials.
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