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Title: 網路適性閱讀環境的建立與應用-子計畫Ⅲ:具多重策略的閱讀理解輔助系統之建立與應用(Ⅲ/Ⅲ)
The Implementation and Application of a Multi-Strategies Based Reading Comprehension System (III)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理與輔導學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2005
Abstract: 本研究為三年期計畫。第一年的 成果為開發具多重策略的閱讀輔 助系統(Computer Assisted Strategies Teaching and Learning Environment, CASTLE) ,第二年 的成果為針對此一系統的應用效 果進行實徵研究。第一年和第二 年均獲得令人滿意的成果,除參 與國際研討會發表外,目前已有 一篇中文論文(TSSCI)已經發表 於測驗學刊(宋曜廷、劉佩雲、簡馨 瑩(2003):閱讀動機量表的修訂和應 用。測驗年刊, 46, 22-38),另一篇論 文成果目前在SSCI 期刊Journal of Experimental Education 審查 中(如附件一)。系統實做成果也 已經上線在多所小學中應用(其 網址為:。第三年 的成果為將第二年的成果與總計 畫中的潛在語意分析技術(LSA) 相結合,讓CASTLE 具有適性教 學的功能。此部分的成果為編制 閱讀策略表現測驗,並結合LSA的技術(在本測驗中為將測驗的 知識整合之分量表,與LSA 的語 意資料庫相整合,建立聯想常 模,以判斷學生的知識整合能 力)。目前由於第一版本的測驗在 信效度的檢驗上不夠理想(如附 件四),因此即將就新修訂的第二 版本(如附件二),進行信效度檢 驗。如果達到理想的程度,將於 94 年底與CASTLE 進行整合,並 進行新的實徵研究。預計95 年中 將有包括閱讀策略表現測驗,和 適性化閱讀策略教學等方面的新 的研究成果。
Text-comprehension is one of the most important skills related to information acquiring. The deficiency of comprehending skill exerts wide and deep influences on learning. Consequently, investigating the causes and the intervention-methods for text comprehension difficulty is worthy of serious consideration. Owing to the importance of reading strategy instruction, the emergent needs of web-based reading instruction, and the deficiency of computer supported reading systems in Taiwan, this project aims to implement a multi-strategy based reading comprehension system and empirically evaluate its application effects. The researchers are currently implementing a multi-strategy based reading comprehension system. The first objective of this project is to empirically evaluate the effectiveness and the interface-friendliness of this system through five- to seven graders with normal reading capability. Previous researches indicated that students with reading difficulties not only suffered from their disability of using cognitive strategies, but also from their lower motivation and self efficacy. Thus, the second objective of this project is to expand the system-imbedded cognitive strategies to affective strategies, derived from self-regulated learning, such as progress feedback, positive attribution, and efficacy enhancement. The third objective of this project is to integrate the refined system with other systems implemented by the Main Project. The student text comprehension evaluating mechanisms (Project No.5) and thepersonalized web-book editing system (Project No. 1) will be integrated with our strategy instruction system to form an adaptive instruction environment for reading. This projected is to be completed in three years. Each objective mentioned above will be fulfilled in one year. We believe that the completion of this project will be beneficial to the practices of student learning and teacher instruction, as well as theoretical innovation in the fields of reading comprehension, adaptive instruction, and computer assisted learning.
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