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Title: 整合探索學習與概念圖在網頁化教學與學習之研究(II)
Integrating Inquiring and Concept Map on Web-Based Instruction and Learning (II)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理與輔導學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2002
Abstract: 本文提出一個Web-based 合作探究學習系統,以全球資訊網(World Wide Web, WWW)為知識探究來源,利用探究性問題去引導學生思考以進行探究,再利用概 念構圖法讓學生去建構屬於自己的知識,並且在學習過程中,讓學習者溝通彼此 所收集到的證據、學習者的個人想法以及所建立的個人概念圖,達到互助合作、 資訊分享的目的。為了有效整合探究學習策略、合作學習策略與概念圖知識表徵 法於WWW 上,本文也提出適用於網路上的合作探究學習模式及學習活動。針對所 提出的合作探究學習模式及學習活動,本文設計實驗以探討學生在網路上的合作 探究學習之學習歷程。
This study proposes a Web-based collaborative inquiry learning system. It uses the World Wide Web (WWW) as a source of knowledge exploration, and uses exploratory problems to guide students to think and explore. Then, it uses concept mapping to help students construct their knowledge. In the process of learning, learners are allowed to exchange the evidence they have collected, their personal opinions, and the concept maps that they have built. In order to effectively integrate the inquiry learning strategies, collaborative learning strategies, and concept mapping knowledge representation in the system, this study proposes a collaborative inquiry learning model and learning activities. Experiments were designed based on the collaborative inquiry learning model and activities to investigate students’ learning processes in the collaborative inquiry learning on the Web.
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