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Title: 子計畫三:閱讀理解輔助系統之設計及其應用效果研究-以閱讀障礙之學生為例
The Design and Application of Computer Assisted Reading System for Reading Disability Students
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理與輔導學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2001
Abstract: 文章理解( t e x t c o m p r e h e n s i o n )與資 訊的吸收與消化最有關連, 對學習影響的 層面也很廣, 因此文章理解困難的成因和 處遇方法, 有待學者投入探討。國外目前 針對閱讀困難者在文章理解層次的所設計 的輔助課程十分有限, 且多直接應用一般 讀者所使用的閱讀策略進行教學, 策略本 身對閱讀障礙者的適用性和策略間的統整 性有待更多研究進一步考驗。此外, 國外 近年來已有教導學生識字的系統已被開發 出來, 但針對閱讀理解而設計的系統則十 分少見, 應用的策略也失之零散單一而不 統整。由於閱讀理解輔助系統有助於閱讀 障礙學生文章理解的訓練, 也有助於減輕 教師的教學負荷, 因此建立以策略為主的 閱讀理解輔助系統來提升策略的教學和學 習效果, 是頗待開發的方向。
Text-comprehension is one of the most important skills related to information acquiring. The deficiency of comprehending skill exerts wide and deep influences on learning. Consequently, investigating the causes and the intervention-methods for text comprehension difficulty is worthy of serious consideration. The majority of strategies used for compensatory instruction for students with reading disability are adapted from the average students, very few comprehension strategies are designed for children of reading difficulty or reading disability. Their integrity and appropriateness for students are worthy of more research.
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