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Title: 網路化教師資訊能力本位課程發展之研究---以「簡報軟體教學應用及製作」為例
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理與輔導學系
Issue Date: 26-Apr-2003
Abstract: 因應教育改革,教師必須具備「資訊能力」及「教學應用資訊能力」基本素養之需求,本研究以教師資訊基本能力、網路化教師專業成長及能力本位教育訓練為理論基礎,發展一套「網路化『簡報軟體教學應用及製作』能力本位課程」,並且探討課程實施之有效性及可行性。實驗研究結論為:使用本課程學習之教師在「教學應用能力」與「簡報製作能力」方面均比自我學習教師具有較高的學習成效,亦比已通過台北縣教師資訊護照進階級檢測之教師具有較優良的能力表現;學習者對於本課程均具有高度認同與滿意,總體評價是:(1)使用簡便,具有彈性,效果明顯;(2)條理清晰,目標明確,回饋立即;(3)規劃周密,由簡而繁,容易上手。
With education revolution, teachers must provide with "computer operation skills" and "computer application abilities on instruction". This research develops a competency-based course which can be taken as training for teachers. The teachers take the course by distance training using Internet. The course is implemented into two parts including units for teaching "computer operation skills" and" applications on instruction" about Microsoft PowerPoint. The research also confers with effectiveness and feasibility of the course. The research results can be concluded as follows: Teachers who use the web-based course have the higher achievement than those who learn by themselves and provide with the ability about PowerPoint more excellent than those who have passed the advanced certificate of" Teacher's Computer Passport" in Taipei country. A reaction to the web-based course shows that the course is greatly identified and satisfied with learners. Teachers' evaluations on the web-based course show: (1) easy to use, provided with flexibility and obvious effect;(2)distinct system, definite target and immediate feedback; (3) thoroughly considered, from the simple to the complex and easily accessible.
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0201_02_013
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